Offseason Thread

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Thought you lads might like this


Heh, nice one. Got a chuckle out of me. Funny or Die usually have some good stuff.

As a serious note on the lockout, word is to expect something soon. The Hall of Fame game is susposed to be going ahead which means an agreement will be reached before then (August 7). The Cowboys & a couple other teams have also set Training Camp dates which means that the end is in sight.

S**t is going to go down so fast once it's gone. The 6 hours after the lockout is lifted is going to be hectic, expect some big things to go down. As far as rumours go we have -
  • Eagles trading Kevin Kolb to Arizona, the asking price was apparently a 1st Rnd pick & a starter on D so it'll be interesting to see what actually comes out. Late strong rumour for the Seahawks snatching Kolb, apparently they offered a 1st & 3rd rnd pick.
  • Nnamdi Asomougha to Tampa
  • Ike Taylor to Philly
  • Boys to lockup Doug Free
  • Matt Hasselbeck to Tennessee
  • Giants panties to remain bunched

Good news for fans of teams like the Bungles, the salary cap floor is being lifted if you trust the rumours which means they'll actually have to spend money for once.


Players are dragging their feet still, now the NFLPA is trying to say that there won't be an agreement for another two weeks.

The players have really eroded any support they may have had from the public over the last couple of weeks, some of the sticking points that they are bringing up are ridiculous. It seems that everyone but the NFLPA just want this thing to be over. Personally I hope karma comes back to bite these greedy pricks on the ass.

On the owners side of the board, it looks like 31 teams all voted for the CBA, the only team that didn't being the Raiders (& no one cares what they think). Better than 2006 when both the Bengals & the Bills voted against the previous agreement.


Agreement on the CBA was reached yesterday, which means the lockout is over & thankfully we haven't missed any football as a result of it.

Training camps are all beginning this week, UDFA's have begun negotiating & soon the grace period will end with FA's allowing them to sign with teams.

Football's back!




Seriously though, so far Philly have signed-

  • Nnamdi Asomougha (Game over Farken)
  • Cullen Jenkins
  • Vince Young
  • Grifted the Cards for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie + a 2nd rnd pick

And we're still going. Rumours that we will get Plaxico Burress & Stephen Tulloch. Still really need help on the O-line (Justice has been placed on the PUP list) & some more depth, same goes for linebackers.

With all that said though...WE GOT NNAMDI!

I hear that Eli Manning & Tony Romo are contemplating retirement rather than try & throw at Aso+Asante+DRC two times a year.


Yep, Plax to the Jets.

Have to wonder if he will really be an upgrade from Braylon Edwards. Not to say that Edwards was good at all but Plax has been out of the game for two years, who know what he'll be like. IMO the Jets would've been better off putting that money towards keeping Brad Smith rather than letting him walk to a division rival (albeit the Bills).

Tulloch has signed with the Lions, which makes sense. The dude is a tackling machine but probably not suited for the Eagles scheme, which relies on LBs being able to sit back, read & react. Not sure if he is quick enough in space to play in that style of scheme. We do need an upgrade to our LB corps though, Fokou & Chaney are great on the outside but I have concerns over Matthews starting in the middle. Sure he looks great, is a coaches favorite & has what is probably the best bloodlines in the NFL but at the end of the day the dude is still a 4th round rookie. I'd like to see us pick up Lofa Tatupu (recently released by the Seahawks) to plug into the middle for a year or two until Matthews can take over, as long as the coaches find ways to keep getting Matthews' snaps then that would be my preferred outcome.

I can see bad seasons coming for Cincy, Minny & Tenn, they really haven't had good offseasons. Surprised at the Bucs lack of activity as well - all the more reasons for Bucs fans to hate the Glazers/Man Spew I suppose.


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Geez, Wolfpack your NFL info/knowledge is wasted on here! Well thats enough sucking up, how do you see the once proud 'Skins going this season. Obviously McNabb gone, do you think Kellen Clemens will get the jump on the QB spot? Trying to get my head around the fantasy side of things, bit different to the NRL.


This forum has more or less become my notepad :p I post on a couple of gridiron forums so majority of my stuff here is just rehashed material for my loyal readers haha.

The Skins are actually on the up, Shanahan has them heading in the right direction after so many years of Dan Snyder trying to buy his team a superbowl. Solid draft class (10 picks! Unheard of for the Skins) & some smart pick ups in free agency.

O.J. Atogwe & Barry Cofield are the biggest free agents they've brought in, Atogwe is a solid safety, bit of a ball hawk. Having him in at free safety should improve his partner, strong safety Laron Landry, who isn't all that great against the pass but is a beast when he is allowed to play up in the box. Barry Cofield should slot in at defensive end for the skins seeing as they are sticking with the 3-4, good player, should add extra pressure on the line. Best thing about him is that you got him from the Giants, always nice to see someone stick it up big blue.

As I said before, quietly impressed with Wash's draft. The top pick, Ryan Kerrigan, should slot straight in at LOLB & complement Brian Orakpo well. That pass rush could be very nasty in a few years. They also picked up Jarvis Jenkins who should see action on the d-line, more pass rush potential.

Added a guy that I really liked coming into the draft, Leonard Hankerson, big lanky receiver, I'd expect him to contribute immediately. Same goes for Evan Royster, a halfback they picked up in the later rounds, I've got a good feeling about him.

QB is a mess for the skins atm, no idea what Shanahan is planning. At the moment it looks like it will be an open competition between Rex Grossman & John yeah...nothing to get excited about.

I'd say it will be another average year for the Skins but you stand a decent chance of leapfrogging Dallas & finishing 3rd in the division. Honestly I think the NFC East is the Eagles' to lose & that the Giants are the only serious contenders, but crazier things have happened (& probably will).

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Have the 49ers done anything of note this year or are still the nfl version of the rabbits? New defensive coach and QB would make a great start


Yeah John Harbaugh brought his D co-ordinator from Stanford with him when he got the job, no idea how he'll go, it's his first NFL gig.

Brought Alex Smith back on a 1yr deal to be the starter at QB. Not as bad as it seems IMO, Smith is a decent QB who suffered from Mike Singletary's incompetence (which has set SF back 3-4 years I think). He can do the job while Colin Kaepernick is groomed for the top job, Kaepernick was one of my fave QBs in the draft, could be a great dual threat guy, fell down to the 2nd round because of concerns over his slow throwing motion & playing in a pistol offense in college.

The O-line should be better this year but don't expect any dramatic changes in it's play. Mike Crabtree has apparently picked up another injury & will miss all of training camp, so same old same old for him. Looks like your #1 receiver going into the season will be Josh Morgan, hmm...

Pass rush looks a bit meh, Manny Lawson has headed to Cincy, which means that SF probably didn't offer him a contract (I can't see any other viable reason why a player would go to Cinncinati). Lots of pressure on Aldon Smith (1st rnd pick) to come in & create some havoc. Aubrayo Franklin left in free agency as well, looks like Sopoaga will be the new nose tackle. Another casualty of FA was cornerback Nate Clements who headed to Cincy (Again, I dont understand. don't the players realize that it's Cincy? The freaking Bungles). No one has been brought in to replace the hole in the secondary, but the latest Internet rumor going around is Philly trading Asante Samuel to SF for Patrick Willis + draft picks. I'd love for it to happen but I can't see Philly fleecing two teams in one offseason, still can't believe we ripped off the Cards so badly.

SF are in a rebuilding phase unfortunately, they should continue to be competitive but only because the NFC West is the worst division in the NFL. Seattle are god awful this year (also rebuilding) & the Cards look good on paper but their O-Line (or lack thereof) will destroy their chances IMO. Kolb - Fitzgerald could destroy that division if Kolb actually gets time to throw/an o-line that can actually create a pocket, luckily for the NFC west I Doug that happens. Rams should win the division by a rout.

Edit- forgot someone, it's not all doom & gloom for the niners in FA. You guys picked up Madieu Williams from the Vikes. Above average safety, good pick up when your corners look so poor. If Taylor Mays learns how to play in coverage you may just have yourselves a good safety pairing thar.

You also got Philly's ex-kicker - David Akers. Y'know, the guy who missed two easy FGs in the wildcard playoff game vs Green Bay last year, the game we lost by five points. That guy.

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Yeah but i dont think we've had to much success in the last 20 years after being a quiet prolific franchise a while ago


The Niners big problem is that they haven't been able to find a QB since Steve Young was forced to retire, Alex Smith was meant to be the man but it just never worked out. They have the pieces in place to make a quick resurgence though, a lot of it depends on the success of Jim Harbaugh as a HC.

Of any of the rookie coaches in the league Harbaugh is the best placed to succeed IMO (& I'm a big Ron Rivera fan). He led Stanford to what I believe was their highest ever post season ranking & prepped Andrew Luck who will be the 1st overall pick in next years draft barring injury. His brother is an excellent head coach (John - with the Ravens, also another product of the Eagles coaching heirachy), his father was a great college coach as well.

Jim was a good NFL QB to boot, he would've taken the Colts to the Superbowl in the late 90's if not for a dropped pass. I'm willing to trust him on retaining Alex Smith for that reason alone, he's been there & done it before, he knows what it takes to succeed.

A funny tidbit from Eagles training camp, apparently Brian Baldinger (NFL Analysist) walked to Nnamdi Asomugha & Johnnie Lee Higgins (both ex-Oakland Raiders), shook their hands & said 'Welcome to the NFL'.

For my own benefit as well;

John Harbaugh = Ravens HC/ex-Eagles ST coach
Jim Harbaugh = Niners HC/ex-Stanford HC

Always get those two mixed up now that Jim is in the NFL.

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