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Kim Jong Dan
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why take it down whilst the new site is developed?

And why take it down today of all days. Cana nyone say "poor planning"


Kim Jong Dan
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the more i think about it this just makes me annoyed and frustrated.

Today of all days is one of the best chances for marketing of the club in 7 years. An opportunity to get all the fans and supporters on side, an oportunity to fire everyone up.....and they take the site down to develop the new one. What a stupid day to do it and a total lack of foresight.......I can already see better ways to do this, if the contract had gone elsewhere a whole lot more of a project plan would have been developed along with it
Journey Man
I was thinking that too Daniel. How ridiculous. At a time when some needed positivity could have developed on the site, they rip it down.

Surely this crap could have been done in the off season. Obviously rushing things. In my opinion - 1st stuff up by Aaron.


Kim Jong Dan
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agree totally. If the off season or mid week. There is 6 months of off season to develop the site at least wait until the season is over
Winging it
Agree with Dan & Ryan. I don't know why they were pushing for a new site so quickly anyway. Take the time & do a good job would have been better (I know there is supposedly a bells & whistles version next year some time).
Journey Man
I have to say though guys - before anyone starts getting defensive - I'm sure Aaron WILL do a great job, and I'm sure the site will be fantastic. I just think the TIMING is atroucious.
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I have no doubt the new site will be a huge improvement. What puzzles me is why they didn't wait till the off-season rather than on a day when the regular season culminates. They may be a reason but without knowing what it is, it seems rather strange.

Maybe they are looking for a new look to coincide with the semis and Manly's first appearance for ions!
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club must have thought we were going to lose last night!!!!!

agree with all the above comments, very poor timing considering we have just made the finals for the 1st time in 8 years.
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Site seems to be back up in old form - good call.

Funny though as there are some there that now think we are going to win the comp!!!!!

Good antidote to the negative narks here are those that are so totally blind to reality!!!
Journey Man
Canteen - I don't think we can win the comp, but I sure as hell think we can beat a Hindmarsh / Vella / Moi Moi less Eels next Sunday !!!

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I couldnt be bothered going back through the posts but 70% of you make yourselves look stupid with this thread :roll:
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[quote author=Corso_Pete]
New site has been viewed by some with some interesting feedback.

Please enlighten us!

Of all people Matabele know my attitude towards keeping a confidence, and this will be no different to any other.
Journey Man
Awwww c'mon Corso. At least give us this:-

If you were (in YOUR opinion only) to rate the new lay out from 1 to 10 - 10 being the best what would you say?


Or is it the box?


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