Off Field Incidents

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Winging it
I want to see if there is anyone pious enough to answer in the affirmative. ;)

Maybe one or two of the old timers amongst us.
I won't be one to cast the first stone! In fact, if there are any new vices someone PM me... :)


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Matas surprisingly nothing I have done is headline worthy, though I have never been drug tested


Journey Man
you boys surprise me! Surely you have experienced more of what is supposed to be life than this Gob-botherer!


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
perhaps your experience of life is different to ours!

We see experiencing life in tasting more or ummm the fillies


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
We dont need to be arrested or caught running naked down the town square to impress the ladies!


Journey Man
you boys surprise me! Surely you have experienced more of what is supposed to be life than this Gob-botherer!

mate ive probably made him go bald from stress, but the original question was who could say they are all clear


First Grader
actually it wasn't Fluff, it was who had done anything wothy of headlines. not who was all clear. its all a matter of degree really isnt it???

And Matas "what is supposed to be life" can certainly mean different things to different people couldnt it, some people are content with having a couple of quiet ones and not doing anything outrageous, doesnt mean they are better or worse simply different.


First Grader
Well lets see, if I had been a footy player since I was 17, I would have received the folowing headlines.

"Manly player arrested for drink driving"
"Manly player locked up for refusing to co operate with police"

And that is just in Aust, overseas the list goes on.


Mine could be:

"Manly player questioned for hiding stolen street sign down his pants"

"Manly player caught speeding for the 4th time"

"Manly player spends night in lock up for asking policeman if he can piss in his hat"

"Manly player questioned for disposing of goon bag in garden at local petrol station"

there's many more... that's just schoolies


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
Here is a question for all of us.

Is there any of us that can say we have no incident on our files from the time we were 18-35 which would have made headlines if we were a famous footballer (or famous in general)?

I know I'd have hit the headlines several times.
haahha mata if i was an NRL player i would have probably been kicked out of 4 or 5 clubs by now for some of my after dark shanningins


First Grader
I would have got myself into trouble when I was younger if I was player. No doubt about it, probably would have been a weekly headline :drunk:

As for our players not being involved in drunken incidents I doubt they do not occur. If you head to the Harbord Hilton regulary you will eventually see one.
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