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Dallas McIlwain is a handy bench back rower, can play at 5/8 as well and can sniff out a try.he would prob be 150 max


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I reckon a back-up hooker/half (if Monaghan goes) and a good backrower (unless you want to go with Afamasaga, Wells and Cuthbertson) is all we need (and maybe another good young centre in PL). Eastwood would be good, but I'm not sure about back-up halves/hookers.

Chip and Chase

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Michael Ennis would be a good pick up as a backrower cum utility player (cover hooker and 5/8 at a pinch). Wants to play regular 1st grade and he would be a perfect replacement for Willo (and a better player to boot)

Ditto with Daniel Abraham

Also Eastwood would be handy, but the Broncos don't let go of many youngsters unless there is something wrong with their heads.

Also would love to see Peachey in Maroon and White .......NOT !!!


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Dont see why we would need a backup half/hooker

Monas is going due to the congestion in those positions


We need a 1 good front rower and a utility who can play in the backrow IMO.. that's it.

Maybe a good winger but i never saw any.


Eastwood is the only one that fits the bill. But do we need another backrower?
The current three + Beaver (not next year, OK) + Cuthbo + Halfasanga.

We need to spend our money on retention, not recruitment.
I love being able to say that.
All we need to do is hang on to the boys coming from the beaches & upper north shore & we're lookin' good for a few years yet.


there are a few allusions to it in some articles circulating. manly tend not to announce their re-singings and signings, i think because when they do people start playing the cap breach card again and it is not worth the hassle

Therefore a 1st grade NRL club doesn't announce signings cause it's not worth the hassle with rumours? hehe
I can re-call the main site not having any official announcement about Orford, but it was plastered all over the news at the time, and also I seem to find news whenever they sign people. Did they announce G Stewart recently? :p
Not sure i agree with you on that one mate. Do u have the articles in regards to Kite signing for 3 years?


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Noel Cleal mentioned it to one of the forum users after the warriors game noodler.

It's only hearsay and I can't remember who it was who said it but I do remember knowing I can trust what that poster said.

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If we want a quality backup half/hooker, have a look at Hohaia. Have been whispers the last couple of years he is disappointed in the way he is used at the Warriors, and he has plenty of abilty and utility value


If we want a quality backup half/hooker, have a look at Hohaia. Have been whispers the last couple of years he is disappointed in the way he is used at the Warriors, and he has plenty of abilty and utility value

No way Kiwi, we don't need anyone getting in Groomes way. There's already four or five guys ahead of him, even with Monnas leaving.

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