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First Grader
Premium Member
Okay this is a pretty rough list, and obviously its missing a few clubs, but its the best i can come up with atm


Justin Hodges
Brent Tate
Steve Micheals
Darius Boyd
Greg Eastwood
Brad Thorn
Petero Civoniceiva
Shaun Berrigan
Michael Ennis


Jaiman Lowe
David Peachey
Paul Mellor
Luke Stuart
Ben Rogers
Stuart Webb
Shannon Hegarty
Joe Williams
Germaine Paulson
Reece Simmonds
Shane Rigon
Scott Geddes


Brett Kimmorley
Adam Dykes
Reece Williams
Cameron Ciraldo
Joven Clarke
David Simmons


Vince Mellars
Josh Lewis
Craig Wing
Heath L'Estrange
Chris Beattie
Joel Monaghan
Charlie Tonga
Willie Brown
Adam Schubert
Steve Meredith


Clint Newton
Reegan Tanner
George Carmont
Josh Perry
Adam Woolnough
Daniel Abraham
Riley Brown
Trent Salkeld
Milton Thaiday


Trent Cutler
Josefa Namila Davui
Jon Green
Corey Hughes
Dallas McIlwain
Brad Morrin
Billy Ngawini
Mark O'Meley
Adam Perry
Cameron Phelps
Ben Roberts
Matt Utai
Aaron Wheatley


Lance Hohaia
George Gatis
Todd Byrne
Cooper Vuna
Tony Martin


Michael Dobson
Vili Faingaa
Craig Frawley
Ryan Hinchcliffe
Steve McLean
Junior Sau
Jason Williams


Manly (rough)

Kite (option in his favour)
Monaghan (permission to negotiate for 3 weeks)


Tim smith
Daniel Wagon
Ian Hindmarsh - retiring
Michael Lett
Etu Uasele
Feleti Mateo
Blake Green
Richard Fa'aosso
Aaron Cannings
Matt Keating
Justin tsolous
Junior Paolo

With LOD out of the picture, i'd be looking at Bronson Harrison or Feleti Mateo....................maybe both if we can sneak them in

Also i wouldn't mind Woolnough

The Wheel
Premium Member
Greg Eastwood or Feleti Mateo. Make sure Burns & Choc stay first


First Grader
Premium Member
Yeah didn't even see Eastwood, he'd be a good pickup

Though i generally dont even look at the Broncos as Bennett never loses who he wants to keep


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Kite re-signed for 3 years I thought.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
there are a few allusions to it in some articles circulating. manly tend not to announce their re-singings and signings, i think because when they do people start playing the cap breach card again and it is not worth the hassle

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Eastwood would be handy, if we were after a good backup half, Hohaia isn't being utilised very well at the moment over here, and is full of talent.

Thorn could be a stop-gap for 1-2 years if we want to wait for something better to come along in the 2nd row

Off topic for what we need but about a player on that list, is strong word here that Tate will be at the Warriors next year. Was hoping he would piss off to rugby


Not much to get excited about, Abraham could go alright at lock.

Cannings might want to join up with his mate Lyon again. :lol:

Vuna, Mateo, Green, Eastwood, Woolnough and Abraham worth a look.

Definitely concentrate on retaining the current players first now that LOD is signed up.


Reserve Grader
Out of that list I would be interested in the following;

Steve Michaels
Blake Green

Greg Eastwood
Luke Stuart
Clint Newton
Adam Woolnough
Daniel Abraham
Faleti Mateo
Richard Fa-aosso
Aaron Cannings


Canteen Worker

First Grader
Mateo and Green would be great pickups. Fa-aso I rate but I would rather look for good up and coming players than pay overs for average first graders.

Losing BK and probably Beaver in a short time means we lack wide running second rowers. Need to fill that gap in my view.


Journey Man
well if he gets a go as a wide running second rower cuthbo fits the bill.

If reports from last weekend are anything to go by he is back in his best position and killing it again.


Reserve Grader
Kite has already signed till end of 2010, Burns wont sign till he finds out if Monas is staying or going...too many roosters (oops hookers) in the hen house.
Choc will stay... he said no one else would wont to buy a boofhead like him, besides its handy to the courthouse...for all future claims. (Good to see he has a sense of humour)
Reckon we should concentrate on keeping our players before we go shopping. Anyway wee have no money to spend according to Grant.


Journey Man
monas is trying to free up 240K to help

guess the reason we missed out on simpson and creagh is that we could go above minimum wage if you listen to Grant

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