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NYC - the rookies - the reality

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by smithy, May 1, 2016.

  1. smithy

    smithy Active Member

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    There are a number of people on here talking up players in our NYC team as future first graders: Nico Hynes, Jesse Ramien, Brad Parker, Darcy Cox, Bill Bainbridge, Johnnie Walker, et al. I'm not saying there may not be a first grader amongst them but before we believe the hype I'd like to set the facts.

    Prior to last weekend there have been 488 players graduate over 8 years of NYC into the NRL. That puts it at around 60 players a year. With 16 teams that is a bit under 4 players a team on average. A historical look shows that those teams that finish at the top of the table contribute a significantly higher proportion of the 60 players than those at the bottom, not rocket science. Using the inaugural year, 2008 Canberra beat Brisbane in the final and these two teams had 17 players graduate. The teams to go out in the semis, Dragons and Warriors contributed another 7 players each so the top 4 contributed 31 players to the on average 60. Alternatively the last placed Cowboys had 1 player in Ray Thompson. Even 2009 when we finished minor premiers but lost in the semis we saw 8 players graduate into first grade across the NRL.

    It's very early days to judge last year's team although we have seen Tom T and Will P debut. Liam K would have been close except for his indiscretions and the Hugh Pratt is highly regarded amongst others. No doubt Tom T was the superstar but it seems we will still make the average 4 players.

    Added that Manly has the worst record for producing first graders from NYC we currently sit in last place with 13 graduates (8 as mentioned came from 2009), obviously due to our poor record in the competition over the years. The warriors have produced 47 graduates in that time.

    Currently we sit 0-8 with a game in hand to be played next weekend against Cronulla. This suggests we will be lucky to have one player graduate. I know it's easy to get into the hype especially after one good game here and there although I have now watched a number of our NYC games and don't see it and history suggests it also doesn't look good.
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    • eagle66

      eagle66 Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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      Great summary of what feeds the NRL talent pool. This is why, for Manly, we have had to top the squad with "journeymen" every few years to balance out the salary cap.
      It would be good to see how many of the NYC players moved to other clubs as their first step to the NRL. We have been critical (because Manly haven't done as much as other clubs, like Sydney Roosters) of teams buying up the kids pre NYC and putting them into their own systems working on the above stats, having a few come through each year. This enables a more affluent Club to use non Salary Cap dollars and in turn enrich their NRL and Second Tier squads with promising "juniors" at budget dollars. Not whinging here about this, it is more like good management.
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      • SoaringEagle

        SoaringEagle Active Member

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        Although we are doing quite bad in our NYC, a lot of them are really young. We have a lot turning 18 or 19 this year. Cade Cust is only 17 turning 18 and is one of our best players. Bainbridge, Ramien and Brad Parker are turning 19 this year. Walker, Cox and hynes turn 20 this year.
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        • tookey

          tookey Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Who says our NYC team doesn't produce fg graduates?

          Hargreaves has been good and so has Foran

          Oh wait they don't play for manly
        • Bearfax

          Bearfax Well-Known Member

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          Speaking of potential graduates, there is one who looked like he could be a good first grader before he got himself into trouble last year. I thought he was back but his name doesnt appear recently on the NSW Cup team. I'm referring to Jamil Hopoate. Anyone know what happened to him?
        • smithy

          smithy Active Member

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          Understand what you are saying but what NYC team doesn't feature young players? It is under 20s with Ball under 18s, all teams feature a mix of highly rated 19 and 20 year olds. The majority also feature the best and brightest 18 year old ball graduates. Simply our best are clearly at this point inferior to the rest and as I highlighted this historically does not translate to NRL graduates. Never mind that our Ball team only had one win all season against a Non NRL team in Norths.
        • smithy

          smithy Active Member

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          100% spot on. It's much easier and cheaper to retain the right juniors than bring in established first graders by paying "overs". When everyone works off the same 250k NYC cap there is no legitimate reason why we should be producing less NRL players. We are obviously recruiting the wrong players and/or keeping the wrong ones. The decision to keep drinkwater over Keary. Not meeting roosters valuation of JWH is another.
        • Mark from Brisbane

          Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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          From the limited times I've seen the current crop play I'd suggest Hynes will make the grade , not sure on Ramien but he could be another.

          I think Penn & co care little about the NYC, which is a real
          pity, but you can understand to an extent as the funding is very limited.
        • Turbo

          Turbo Well-Known Member

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          Our current crop of youngsters look good IMO but aren't performing together, Hynes, Parker, Walker, Bainbridge look like they are all going to play first grade for us especially Hynes and Parker they played awesome today in NSW cup. Hynes looks like an absolute gem! I think you can look at the Knights this year they have all the talent but just don't look like a side that is ever going to gel together.

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