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The number one jumper for the Blues will probably be the most contested Jersey in this years State of Origin. Who does everybody think will end up getting the position.

To be completely honest the form Fullbacks of the competition at this stage is really a tie at the moment IMO. Luke Burt an Brett Stewart are both standouts. Minichello isn't showing any decent form to date which probably suggests the Roosters have made him look pretty good over the years or, he's still finding his feet after nearly a year out of the game.

I personally think Brett Stewart should get the role. Not because I'm a manly fan but if NSW want to start thinking of their future then I think Brett's the man. The same way QLD are somewhat building stability in their ranks. It would be good for him.

However I can't help but feel Minichello will play fullback because listening to Graham Murry on the Fox Footy Show a few weeks back he was talking about all the good fullbacks in the competition to play for the Blues and he rattled off a lot of names like Brett Hodgeson, Luke Burt, Anthony Minichello, Wade Mckinnon and then he said... and that fellow... um.... that fellow from manly... um Stewart? :doh:


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its there to be grabbed - if either city or country fullback has a blinder they will lead the race, if they have dud game then mini will get the nod
Stewart should get the country full back posi and mini should get the city one.

Whoever has a blinder will probably get the gong.


I hope Stewy gets it.

Luke Burt would go alright there aswell. He has his goal kicking too which might give extra sway.
Luke Burt. Now really!

Stewart would have everything on Burt bar being a goal-kicker. If they pick Lyon, then there is your better kicker, and Burt can occasionally kick on fifth tackle -- who cares, that's what the halves are for.


I think they will have issues with Burts defence at that level.

Steweys miss on Dunny Bill on the weekend is the only time i can recall him being run over. Not sure if anyone would have stopped him from there.


Stewart gets run over the top of a fair bit JK.

The roosters first try comes to mind straight away and I do get worried when a player breaks the line and only Stewart left.. i believe it's an area he needs to work on.

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Stewart gets run over the top of a fair bit JK.

The roosters first try comes to mind straight away and I do get worried when a player breaks the line and only Stewart left.. i believe it's an area he needs to work on.

He has shown a few times that one on one, near the line he can put good hits on as the last line of defence. Its when opposition forwards break the line, have steam up and come at him at pace with momentum that he finds them hard to stop. Gotta expect that from a speedster fullback.


Yeah true Jatz.. i wouldn't change him for the world.

The strike he gives us in attack out ways his defensive deficiencies IMO


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I know people hate my YARTS, but I don't, and here is my NSW effort:-

6, 7 & 14 are tough !!

01. Brett Stewart
02. Eric Grothe
03. Timana Tahu
04. Matt Cooper
05. Matt King
06. Jamie Lyon
07. Matt Orford
08. Brent Kite
09. Danny Buderus
10. Willie Mason
11. Nathan Hindmarsh
12. Andrew Ryan
13. Reni Matua

14. Craig Wing
15. Luke Bailey
16. Jason Ryles
17. Anthony Topou

Mark Gasnier & Luke O'Donnell are big losses !


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Why not? He's a good player. I know he's going to boringsville, but I couldn't think of anyone else?

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Lyon at 5/8 :lol:

I know that there aren't a lot of quality 5/8s going around at the moment but I can't see Lyon getting a Blue No. 6. He's played half a game in that position so far, and the rest of his form is patchy at best. I'd say, Gidley, Gower, Hornby, Anasta or even Preston would be ahead of him. Although none of those options really sound that great. I'd pick Anasta and play him as a defensive, ball running, extra forward, type 5/8. Like they used to with Timmins. Tell him to leave the fancy stuff to others and concentrate on containing Lockyer.

We will be relying on our half and hooker something chronic this SOO.


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Agree....I was thinking Preston...but I think he won't get a look in because of size. Preston / Gower even.


Tahu, bye bye traitor. Merritt deserves a shot.

My team,

1. Brett Stewart
2. Nathan Merritt
3. Matt Cooper
4. Jamie Lyon
5. Matt King
6. Ben Hornby
7. Craig Gower
8. Brent Kite
9. Danny Buderus
10. Luke Bailey
11. Nathan Hindmarsh
12. Willie Mason
13. Andrew Ryan

14. Robbie Farrah
15. Mark O'Mealey
16. Jason Ryles
17. Joel Clinton


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I wouldnt give Merritt a shot yet, still has flaws in his game. Remember Scott Donald could score lots of tries but was still a pretty ordinary player.


He is positionally good, can take a high ball & playing outside Cooper his defence would be more than adequate.

Him & Stewy in the same team would be huge.

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