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NSW Cup Fixtures for Manly

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by SeaEagle9413, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. SeaEagle9413

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    Mon 21st December, 04:07PM


    Here is the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles draw for the 2016 NSW Cup competition.

    Luke Williamson will again be in charge of the Sea Eagles after taking them to the finals in 2015.

    Manly Warringah will play 10 home games at Brookvale Oval.

    Sea Eagles NSW Cup Fixtures for the 2016 Season

    Round 1: Wests Tigers v Manly, 5-6 March, (date/time to be advised), Leichhardt Oval

    Round 2: Wentworthville v Manly, 3pm, Sunday 13 March, Ringrose Park

    Round 3: Manly v Canterbury, 19-20 March, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 4: Manly v Newtown Jets, 26-27 March, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 5: Manly v Penrith, 2-3 April (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 6: Wyong v Manly, 9-10 April (date/time to be advised), Morrie Breen Oval

    Round 7: Mounties v Manly, 11.40am Sunday 17 April, GIO Stadium

    Round 8: Bye

    Round 9 (Country Round): Manly v Illawarra Cutters, 30 April-May 1 (date/time/venue to be advised)

    Round 10: North Sydney v Manly, 3pm Sunday 15 May, North Sydney Oval

    Round 11: NZ Warriors v Manly, Saturday 21 May (time to be advised), Mt Smart Stadium #2

    Round 12: Canterbury v Manly, 28-29 May, (date/time to be advised), Belmore Sportsground

    Round 13: Manly v Newcastle, 4-5 June, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 14: Penrith v Manly, 11-12 June, (date/time to be advised), Pepper Stadium

    Round 15: Manly v Mounties, 18-19 June, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 16: Bye

    Round 17: Manly v Wyong, 2-3 July, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 18: Manly v Wentworthville, 9-10 July, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 19: Manly v NZ Warriors, 1pm Sunday, July 17, Brookvale Oval

    Round 20: Manly v North Sydney, 23-24 July, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 21: Bye

    Round 22: Illawarra Cutters v Manly, 6-7 August, (date/time to be advised), WIN Stadium

    Round 23: Newcastle v Manly, 13-14 August, (date/time to be advised), Newcastle Sportsground #2

    Round 24: Manly v Wests Tigers, 20-21 August, (date/time to be advised), Brookvale Oval

    Round 25: Newtown v Manly, 27-28 August, (date/time to be advised), Henson Park

    Qualifying finals: 2-3 September

    Semi-finals: 11 September

    Preliminary finals: 18 September

    Grand Final: 25 September

    National Championships: Sunday, October 2, (NSW Cup v Qld Cup winners).

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    • Mals

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      I can't believe that Willo survived the big clean out of the coaching staff :wondering: The goat photos of Mr Fluffy & ZtH must be still in his top pocket.
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      • Remi

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        I know I can't believe it... You look at all the players that have gone, including club legend Toovey and he is still here
      • HoldenV8

        HoldenV8 Well-Known Member

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        I suppose because of the fact that he first came into first grade in Adelaide that I have a bit of a soft spot for Willo.

        But like a few others I'm kinda surprised he wasn't one of those who were moved on in the cleanout.
      • Remi

        Remi Active Member

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        Its crazy, you have a guy who coached the u20s into the final and he gets punted and a guy who has coached the Cup side here for years and has done nothing and he is still reinstated putting his hand up to coach, you would think he would want to stand down and give someone else a go Something is a bit strange

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