NRL in Las Vegas

Sport Confidential: NRL will launch 2024 season in Las Vegas, Broncos one of four clubs to play in US

The Brisbane Broncos will kick-off the 2024 season in Las Vegas, spearheading the NRL’s $200 million plan to target US hearts, minds and the lucrative sport gambling market.

The NRL is going to Las Vegas in one of the most significant events in rugby league’s 115-year history.

Sport Confidential can reveal the 2024 NRL season will kick-off in America, with the Brisbane Broncos set to spearhead rugby league’s bold $200 million plan to win over the hearts and minds of US sports fans.

The ARL Commission will ratify a five-year contract with American delegates for NRL premiership matches to be staged in the US until the end of 2028 – starting with a double header next year in Vegas.

News Corp last month revealed plans for the NRL to explore the possibility of staging a double-header in America to capitalise on the nation’s huge broadcasting-and-betting markets.

Now the American Dream is real.

The ARL Commission will give the green light to launching the 2024 Telstra Premiership season in America and only an 11th-hour collapse in talks will prevent four NRL teams playing historic matches in Sin City next March.

ARL Commission chairman Peter V’landys and NRL boss Andrew Abdo returned to Australia a fortnight ago after a fact-finding mission where the high-powered duo met with American delegates.

US stakeholders were highly impressed with the V’landys-Abdo pitch. Now the NRL will proceed with due-diligence, logistical planning and stadium talks to showcase rugby league to 331 million Americans.

A formal announcement on the NRL’s double-header is expected in the next four to eight weeks pending advanced negotiations with American officials.

Abdo declined to comment on Thursday but V’landys told News Corp before his departure to the US that the American market was an untapped goldmine for the NRL.

“This (proposed double header in Vegas) is not a one-off experiment, it is all part of a five-year strategic plan for us to penetrate America,” V’landys said.

“People say we have tried this before in America and failed.

“They have never tried it to the magnitude we are going to try it.

“The potential benefits, financially, would be in the tens of millions.

“And if we do it right, it could be in the hundreds of millions.

“There’s significant revenue that could be generated for rugby league in America ... and we’re going to explore it.”

Las Vegas’ 65,000-capacity Allegiant Stadium is slated to host four NRL teams next season.

It can also be revealed the Broncos are among the frontrunners to embark on the maiden American voyage.

Broncos chief executive Dave Donaghy said recently that Queensland’s flagship club was keen to be part of the historic venture to Vegas.

“We are certainly open to it and hearing more about the concept and what the NRL’s long-term plans for the US may be,” Donaghy said.

“Subject to aligning with our schedule and planning, I’m sure we would have a level of interest to have a discussion about what an NRL double header in Vegas would look like.

“The game is keeping its cards close to its chest for now, but the one thing we want to provide for our players and staff and fans is really great opportunities.

“If you have the opportunity to play an NRL game at a stadium like that in Vegas, it would be negligent of us not to look at and give it serious consideration.”

Under the NRL’s Vegas plan, four clubs will tour America every year for the next five years.

That will ensure all 17 clubs get a slice of the American pie, with powerhouse clubs such as the Broncos, Melbourne, South Sydney and the Roosters to lead the way as Sin City pioneers.

Super coach Wayne Bennett is a massive fan of the NRL’s idea, saying: “I love Vegas. It’s my favourite place in America.

“There’s a huge market over there and it would be great to see NRL games in America.”
Good let them take those 4 clubs and we,ll go back to Mudgee. At least I can afford to go there lol
from the article:

  • American delegates
  • US stakeholders
  • American officials



Actually, I just hope they haven't found the latest dodgy brother who has rocked up and promised them everything. It's been badly done before.

whilst I don't think they'll make much in-roads to the us market (but go for it lads) the five year plan means I'll be able to see a game or two at least.

I also wish that as it's the start of the season, teams take it seriously and the nrl has everything in place to minimise disruptions to the players.

It's a tad disingenuous to claim the game will be taken to '331 million Americans' when '26.5 mill Australians' don't watch the game.

So if they're going to give it a go, do the damn thing properly, I don't wanna be sitting my myself in some stadium paying $25 for a beer.

It doesn't seem like it, but for selfish reasons I'm more excited about the prospect than you guys. (Even though it'll still cost a few hundred $$$$ to watch it -travel etc).

Anyway, Manly may not even be going.
I would rather go back to Mudgee, its more appealing to me boss lol


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So now he's a no show Hugh Jackman and our Manly ambassador is Aaron Woods. FMD we have all the marketing appeal of a steaming pile of dogsh*t.

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In fairness he has his career which ties him up and he just may be committed elsewhere. A shame though.
I’m also giving the guy a break. Let’s not forget he is dealing with a relationship breakdown with his long term partner.

I also don’t think he wants to crowd Mr Fluffy which usually generates new ownership speculation.

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With us playing first it doesn't appear we'll be getting free to air TV coverage, just pay TV coverage. That's a shame for our sponsors, but should be huge in the States tho.


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So now he's a no show Hugh Jackman and our Manly ambassador is Aaron Woods. FMD we have all the marketing appeal of a steaming pile of dogsh*t.
We got Jim Carrey that's a fair replacement.



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I know he's in 'Deadpool 3', which is being filmed in early 2024, so that may be why.


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That's pretty good publicity. Shame the game they were at was a dud but that can't be foreseen. Woods and Graham needed to be better brief too. Needed to talk about the speed of NRL and the consistency of action when compared with NFL. That's what the yanks will find exciting IMO. The whole no pads, no helmets thing is a bit old hat now. Still, great publicity during a live broadcast.


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. Needed to talk about the speed of NRL and the consistency of action when compared with NFL. That's what the yanks will find exciting IMO. The whole no pads, no helmets thing is a bit old hat now.
Good point @Chunkytuna
The main stand out of our NRL Game compared to NFL
Is the Non stop breathtaking exhilarating action right up until the final bell

The whole big hits no pads has past its used by date .
NRL has No more shoulder charges , No more high shots , No crusher tackles No more drop tackles and Every tackle is heavily scrutinized
The wam bam thank you mam era is long gone and rightly so because of the concussion duty of care

This is the way to Go @The Wheel
NRL Non stop Breath taking Exhilarating Action
and Heroes to Die for

40 nil

It's only a game ...
Love the game, hate Manly: Woods ready to convert American fans to NRL in Las Vegas

America, rugby league is coming to you – and it does so in the form of Aaron Woods. Once described by colleague Andrew Webster as a “114kg prop, with hair like a samurai, the beard of a lumberjack and a throwback gut from the ’70s”, Woods is a big man with a big personality.

Which makes the decision to send him to Las Vegas in December, as one of four ambassadors to spread the league gospel to the uninitiated, an inspired one.

“We’re going to an indoor stadium in another country and we’re trying to grow the game. It’s the best ever,” Woods said.

Woods grew up in Leichhardt, in a unit above a newsagency in Norton Street, with the ambition of one day playing at Leichhardt Oval. Never did he think he would get the opportunity to spruik the NRL to Americans ahead of a historic double-header at “The Death Star”: the 65,000 seat Allegiant Stadium in Los Vegas.

“Not at all, brother,” he said. “Honestly, I would have been happy to play one game in the NRL. To deadset be an ambassador for rugby league in the US is unbelievable. If I can spread the gospel and can turn a few heads, then I’ve done a good job.”

Woods is yet to receive his riding instructions. All he knows is that he is being tasked to promote the game during a whirlwind visit from December 9-15, which will incorporate an appearance at a Raiders-Vikings NFL match and a media event at Allegiant Stadium two days later.

The itinerary, and his travelling companions, are yet to be finalised.

Woods will represent Manly, who will clash with South Sydney in Vegas, with Kangaroos star Campbell Graham expected to be the Rabbitohs’ ambassador. The Broncos, who will take on the Roosters in the second leg of the historic double-header, are expected to send premiership-winning halfback Adam Reynolds, while the tri-colours are finalising their own selection.

Each club has its own identity and unique marketing opportunity: Souths are a foundation club known as the “Pride of the League”; Brisbane are the northern behemoth looking for redemption after grand final heartbreak; the Roosters are the big-spending Sydney glamour club and Manly are the despised Silvertails.

“It all depends on what we want to do,” Woods said. “Do we want to be the people that everyone hates, which normally happens at Manly, anyway? Do we want to play on that?

“We’re playing South Sydney, and you either love or hate them. Maybe we get [Sea Eagles fan] Hugh Jackman behind us and create that feud with Russell Crowe, start with them two. Get it on with the Gladiator.

“I just want to grow the game. A lot of people call it ‘rugby’, so it’s letting them know what the difference between league and union is. And it’s about letting everyone know that this is Australia’s favourite sport.”

Woods is a Green Bay fan who laments his namesake, Aaron Rodgers, leaving the Packers for the New York Jets last year. Rodgers is on a $150 million contract; Woods will earn $80,000 next year, bolstered by match payments.

“We’ve both got the deep beards, we’re both our own type of characters,” Woods said, noting that’s where the similarities end.

Asked the chances of an American wearing an Aaron Woods jersey down the Las Vegas strip, the veteran forward replied: “A million to one.”

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Viva Las Vegas?
Just spotted this. Pretty sure other sites have Souths favourites so anyone here still skeptical about Manly for next year, here's your chance to bet on Souths and make a quick kill!
Screenshot is from an NRL story on foxsports site now but I followed the link, seems to be real (?)


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