NRL in Las Vegas

Talk about a game in the US....check

Bears talk about relocation to somewhere....check

Ridiculously enforced crackdown that no-one understands......check

Player movements years before their current contract runs out.....check

I've almost filled out my NRL Bingo card for 2023, and it's not even May yet !!!!

Even if it is in vegas (and the nrl don't pick some scammer who rents them a car park and takes all the money....)

It doesn't mean the 'american punters' will have a clue what to bet on.

Doesn't it?

~goes does more research~
Guaranteed Penn will sell out another home game. I'm sure it won't be the vermin giving one up.
Nothing to crowe about until penn has been put to paper. Storm in a teacup otherwise, but don't wait too long or the horse'll have bolted.
If it goes ahead, can't imagine anything more cringe-worthy. Vegas will market this to locals and tourists to come see these circus freaks from that nutty little country of Oz, like some 90s reality Gladiators show piece. They'll probably have that WWF announcer beforehand. When will they understand, Americans don't give a f**k about rugby league, Penn's either full of sh*t, or just a f***ing idiot (most likely both)

Talk about selling out. It reeks of desperation, and again, the NRL made to look insecure as it attempts to seek external validation.

As legislation here is clamping down on the relationship between the NRL and betting agencies, this is a wildly regressive move. The game ought to be able to grow locally and organically, or it doesn't deserve to do so imo.

What a f**k up to their early season it will be to the 4 clubs who end up going, and we all know Penn has Manly already locked in as one of them
Matt Tripps comment made me sick. "“If the American public sees it, they will bet on it.”
Showcase the game my arse.
Matt Tripps comment made me sick. "“If the American public sees it, they will bet on it.”
Showcase the game my arse.
If our owners weren't such tight asses, the Vegas trip would be the perfect place to get a little inventive with player contracts.
The potential for an unprecedented amount of scandal relating to off field incidents is ripe in a town like Vegas. Whoever thought of this idea needs to have their head read.
The saying " What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" didnt come about by accident. It’d be click bait heaven for the "staff writers".

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