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NRL Finals Preview

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Caketiger, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Caketiger

    Caketiger New Member

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    Hi there

    For anyone interested, I have written a blog previewing this weekend's finals.

    NRL Finals Preview

    Sorry guys, I think the Bulldogs will win on Friday night :s

    Can you convince me otherwise?
  2. Jatz Crackers

    Jatz Crackers Moderator Staff Member

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    Im not interested.
  3. Peter C

    Peter C Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I think Manly will win, can you convince me otherwise?
  4. The Who

    The Who Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even though yours is wrong.
    Please come back in a couple of weeks and write us off again in the semi-final.
  5. bones

    bones Bones Knows

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    X 2
  6. Mals

    Mals Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Your analysis makes no mention of the halves & barely a mention of the hookers (apart from Ennis being a villain). In my opinion Manly's 6, 7, & 9 are much stronger than CBs & this fact will have a major bearing on the game.
  7. Earnie the Eagle

    Earnie the Eagle Well-Known Member

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    If we want your opinion we will give it to you.
  8. IQofalimabean

    IQofalimabean Well-Known Member

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    Challenge accepted, firstly Manly have a good record at ANZ in recent times that includes the dogs. Secondly, the last time these two teams played Manly went into the game on the back of a big loss to Newcastle, that is not the case this time. Thirdly, after big wins, like the dogs had against the roosters, teams usually have a drop in total score the next round. In addition, If you look at the amount of try's Stewart has saved for games played this year and last year you would know that without him Manly's last line of defense usually does not hold up. Furthermore, when you take into account how much he can add to a team in attack you would understand why the Bulldogs won the last encounter by a narrow margin. Lastly, the team has improved since losing to Newcastle, as they returned the favor a few weeks ago, which means they have improved since the last dogs match, but i wonder whether the dogs have improved given that they lost to Canberra two weeks ago. All i know is that beating a Roosters side before the finals does not mean that you are prepared to face the premiers.
  9. Ralphie

    Ralphie Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    This is pretty simple really:

    1. Brett Stewart > or = Ben Barba
    2. Jorge Tafua = Sam Perret
    3. Jamie Lyon > Josh Morris
    4. Steve Matai > Krisnan Inu
    5. Dean Whare > Jono Wright
    6. Kieran Foran > Josh Reynolds
    7. DCE > Kris Keating
    8. Jason King > Aiden Tolman
    9. Matt Ballin > Michael Ennis
    10. Brent Kite < Sam Kasiano
    11. Anthony Watmough > Frank Pritchard
    12. Tony Williams > Josh Jackson
    13. Glenn Stewart > Greg Eastwood

    On top of being superior individually, we are a true team, a band of brothers who have done it all before. Our boys know what it takes to win the comp, they've done it twice in the past 4 years.

    In the past 4 years you lot have won a spoon and bought a couple of new teams over as well as buying an entire coaching staff.

    Over to you smartarse.
  10. HappilyManly

    HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    It's only the finals for the Dogs this week,Manly will wait till September 30th:D

    Expecting a lot of Thank You cards for the Manly Club in training your Coaching Group:idea:
  11. Caketiger

    Caketiger New Member

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    Cherry-Evans is the stronger half-back but Foran can drift in and out of games. If Foran is on form for the full 80, then Manly will have the edge at 6 and 7. I don't agree that Manly are that much stronger at hooker.

    Manly do have the playoff experience over the Bulldogs and it will be a close game.

    I still think that the Bulldogs forwards are better placed to give them the field position where the backs can finish things off.
    The Bulldogs will definitely have to keep a watch on the Stewarts in attack. The great thing about this game is how many attacking options both sides have - it should be a great game to watch.

    Hasler has been through the playoffs and knows what to expect whereas this is Toovey's first finals as a coach. Will that make a difference?
  12. eagle-rock08

    eagle-rock08 Active Member

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    If the referees penalise the dogs for the illegal blocking (NFL) type plays Manly will win. This 'blocking move' has been spoken of by 2V in earlier articles.

    However, in the unlikely event that the dogs win the premiership the dogs will become the 'Cinderella story' and TV ratings bonanza for the NRL.

    In no way should my comments be MISCONSTRUED that I think the NRL is anything but ethical, honest, honourable and entirely fair in the running of the game. And of course the NRL wouldn't fix or conspire to fix the outcome of games for any reason in my opinion.

    But I do see some refereeing decisions from time-to-time and I do scratch my head in wonder at some of them.
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    • Hamster Huey

      Hamster Huey Space Invader Premium Member

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      Too much emphasis on the coaching experience which ignores that Tooves has been involved close enough as the Assistant, to 'get' the finals build-up. Manly benefit far more between him and the vast majority of players having 'been there, done that'.

      Des is one man with a squad of relatively little big match experience. Their spine hasn't got a proven record under pressure and they might not cope with the extra attention from this week, and on the field.
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      • barrack o barba

        barrack o barba Active Member

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        God you're a wanker , let the guy have his say

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