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NRL 2016 ladder countdown: Manly Sea Eagles (5th)

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lsz, Mar 1, 2016.

By lsz on Mar 1, 2016 at 9:04 AM
  1. lsz

    lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    By Keith Sheldon, 1 Mar 2016

    Manly, Manly never changes. It has been a few long years since the Sea Eagles have gone out and purchased any big names, but now the Silvertails are back.

    Manly’s spending spree over the past year has been, well, incredible.

    2015 was a very disappointing season for the Sea Eagles, they missed the eight for the first time since 2004 and for the first time in their history they were favourites for the spoon for a large portion of 2015.

    They may have ended the season in red-hot form, but their start was woeful, winning only one of their first seven games. To state exactly what went wrong simply, they didn’t have the forwards anymore, and they were rolled over far too regularly.

    But in response, Manly’s roster has changed to a ridiculous degree. They lost many players like Kieran Foran, Peta Hiku, Matt Ballin, Justin Horo, Willie Mason, David Williams, Ligi Sao, Jesse Sene-Lefao, Clinton Gutherson and, most importantly, the greatest player of all-time James Hasson.

    That is a lot of losses, but in return Manly have gained Nate Myles, Lewis Brown, Api Koroisau, Darcy Lussick, Matt Parcell, Martin Taupau and Dylan Walker. They also lost fan favourite club coach Geoff Toovey and gained unknown entity Trent Barrett.

    I can’t remember a side that has made as many changes in the space of a year as Manly have.

    But has this aggressive recruitment improved the squad? Will they manage to make the eight this year or will they once again disappoint their rather insular fan-base?

    Before I continue I should note I am part of that insular fan-base. I’ll try to keep the bias out, but let’s get on with this.

    1. Brett Stewart
    2. Jorge Taufua
    3. Steve Matai
    4. Jamie Lyon
    5. Tom Trbojevic
    6. Dylan Walker
    7. Daly Cherry-Evans
    8. Jake Trbojevic
    9. Api Koroisau
    10. Nate Myles
    11. Feleti Mateo
    12. Lewis Brown
    13. Martin Taupau
    14. Darcy Lussick
    15. Brenton Lawrence
    16. Jamie Buhrer
    17. Matt Parcell

    Once again, Manly come into 2015 with a ridiculous back five. Brett Stewart is a freak. He may be getting on in age, but was Manly’s best player last year.

    I have a lot of respect for Stewart, because early on in his career he was a guy who played the game based on his ridiculous speed. However since he had his legs destroyed over two seasons and lost a yard or two of pace, his game has evolved and changed into one revolving more around his playmaking ability.

    Last year Stewart set up a lot of tries, and scored a lot as well, maintaining his ridiculous try-scoring rate of 0.733 per game. He is one of the game’s most lethal fullbacks when he is close to the opposition try line, and his supporting game is top notch despite his somewhat lacklustre speed. He will have another great year in 2016.

    Jorge Taufua is one of the most powerful wingers in the game. He is a classic ‘winger in a second rower’s body’ and is very good at making metres and alleviating some work from the forward pack. Taufua has got a few issues handling high balls but he most certainly improved in 2015, especially after his abysmal attempts in 2014. A great ball runner, a great finisher and a pretty good defender.

    Steve Matai delivered one of the biggest hits of all time in 2015. Do I really need to say much more?

    Jamie Lyon is my waifu. He is a centre with the ball-playing skill and kicking game of a half, which is why he has spent so much time in the halves I guess. He is the king of fooling defences and creating tries for his wingers as far as centres are concerned. He is getting up there in age and had a pretty injured-hampered year last season, but when he was on the field you could see Manly’s attack was just that much more potent.

    Then there is the last outside back, Tommy Trbojevic. He is the first of the Trbojevic brothers and boy does he look the goods. Of all the up-and-coming young fullbacks he is the most established, and already looks the most promising. His performances in the NYC, first grade and the Auckland Nines demonstrate his freakish ability.

    Daly Cherry-Evans, Manly’s own backflipping half-giraffe half-human player. Say what you will about him, you can’t deny he is a great player. He dominated Melbourne twice last year, and when Manly won it was mostly on the back of his impressive performances.

    Without Foran, or any real halves partner, this ’10 million dollar man’ will be running the ship at Manly by himself, and whether he can do it or not is going to be vital for the Sea Eagles. From the performances he produced last year while playing alongside people like Blake Leary and Feleti Mateo, however, he can handle that pressure.

    Now we are onto the second Trbojevic brother, Jake. With injuries to Brenton Lawrence and Josh Starling, Jake was the only first-grade standard forward Manly had last season. But he excelled.

    Trbojevic was in the starting side only a few weeks after debuting, being the only Manly forward that averaged more than 100 metres a game last year, and he made some very impressive hits in defence. He improved more and more each game and looks set to continue that trend next year.

    Speaking of props, Nate Myles will be a decent addition for the 2015 season, but the biggest addition for Manly is the fact that Lawrence is back. He has been Manly’s main prop since 2013 but sat out all of 2015 with a back injury. However, his back has finally healed, much to the relief of many Manly players.

    Lawrence is ridiculously quick for a big man, he out-speeds some centres with his pace, which helps him rack up the metres. Having a prop of his ability on the bench will help this forward pack significantly. He was knocking on the door of State of Origin selection in 2014, and if he has another season like that this Manly side will benefit a lot.

    The second rowers of this side are all pretty above average, with the variation available a highlight. Lewis Brown adds a very powerful running game and vital utility value to the side. Jamie Buhrer is this team’s workhorse, one with a dodgy knee but still a workhorse when he is healthy. He makes a load of tackles which Manly will appreciate with the loss of Ballin.

    Feleti Mateo is a player with some ridiculous inconsistency issues, but he has the playmaking skills equal to that of some of the better halves in the game. Considering this year is a contract year he will have a lot to prove, and we may see some of the best we have seen out of this guy.

    But now we get to Manly’s biggest player with Martin ‘Kapow’ Taupau. Kapow was the first big off-season signing for the 2016 season and he is a very good one since he really solidifies that forward pack. The guy has a body that makes him look like he came straight out of Dragon Ball Z, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he could destroy the planet with one of his palms.

    People like to question Taupau’s consistency, with some people even comparing him to Dave Taylor. But given Manly’s history of improving most forwards that come to the club (heck, Lawrence wasn’t making first grade at the Titans) it is safe to say he will improve that aspect. And what Taupau brings is size and power, which is what Manly were desperately after last year.

    The dummy halves are both very young and promising as well. As much as I love Ballin, he just doesn’t have the offensive game of his two replacements. From what I have seen of Api Koroisau he looks very talented, racking up some impressive performances in the halves and at dummy-half last year at Penrith. He is a perfect example of the new type of dummy-half, he will make quite a few tackles, but provides a kicking option and some potent attack.

    However, the spotlight is on the bench dummy half and his partner in crime, Matt Parcell. Everyone has probably seen highlights of this kid before but he completely lit the Queensland Cup alight with his ridiculous ability. He scored five tries in the semi-finals and was awarded the man of the match in the NRL State Championship.

    Parcell’s speed is ridiculous, his passing from dummy half is deadly and his support game is phenomenal. He was one of the best players in this year’s Auckland Nines and I wouldn’t be surprised if he forces Api Koroisau out of the hooking role by the end of the year.

    Continued here...

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    Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by lsz, Mar 1, 2016.

      1. Fluffy

        Fluffy Well-Known Member

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        Jake is older than Tom, Myles was signed before Marty but less errors than most stories
      2. KeithSheldon

        KeithSheldon Well-Known Member

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        Hey it is the thing I wrote, yays
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        • lsz

          lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Thought that might have been the case! Well done...feel free to write any articles for here....in fact if you are keen let me know
        • KeithSheldon

          KeithSheldon Well-Known Member

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          Well yeah I would be keen actually, anything to give me some writing practice.
        • Mark from Brisbane

          Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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          I think it's ridiculous that you don't !!
        • Cameron

          Cameron Cambo

          +669 /35
          Anything lower than 5th is a failure with the recruitment drive we've had.
        • KeithSheldon

          KeithSheldon Well-Known Member

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          To quote the legend himself 'That's ridiculous'
        • Ian Martin tragic

          Ian Martin tragic Well-Known Member

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          Well written. I'm one hoping Lussick is growing up a bit and will cut the bull**** from his game and fulfil his potential.
        • manlyfan76

          manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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          Vossys ladder for 2016

          o wins in 2016?

          Brisbane… or one of 12 others!
          Yep, that's how open I believe the 2016 NRL Telstra Premiership will be. I have narrowed my list of finals contenders down to 13, and once you make the playoffs, three wins can have you in the grand final.

          I have only the Wests Tigers, Knights and Titans 'certain' to win less than half their games this season.

          I'm predicting the points gap between 5th and as low as 13th to be one of the smallest on record. Points differential could again be crucial, so teams have to try and minimise blowout scorelines.

          It is said opinions are like backsides: we all have one. So let me bare mine as I tip this order for how the teams will finish in 2016: 1st Broncos, 2nd Storm, 3rd Cowboys, 4th Warriors, 5th Roosters, 6th Raiders, 7th Bulldogs, 8th Rabbitohs, 9th Panthers, 10th Sharks, 11th Sea Eagles, 12th Eels, 13th Dragons, 14th Tigers, 15th Knights, 16th Titans.

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