Not 1 second half penalty

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I'm not usually a big fan of Shayne Hayne and when I found out that he was the ref I almost conceded.

However he had a fantastic game with not a single penalty given in the second half and the game thrived because of it.
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yeah I agree Flip, critics are quick to give it to refs when they have shockers so I think it is only fair to give accolades when they are due. Hayne had a really good game in my opinion. :clap:
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The commentary said that Melbourne were offside a few times in the second half at field goal time and should have been penalised but they did not want to see the game decided by the ref!
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Yeah. they were offside for a lot of the game.

However to even it up we got away with quite a few tricks at slowing the ruck down.
Yep, Shayne Hayne was excellent last night. How good can a game be when it's not interrupted by the whistle??

Manly and Melbourne showed why they are on top by a fair margin last night.
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Havent been a big Hayne fan in the past but he is head and shoulders above the pack this season.

The game flowed beautifully last night, in the 2nd half there were no penalties based on his opinion or interprtation, just the 1 on Watmough which was clear cut
the refs seem to be keeping the teams back a massive Ten meters, almosr 12 or 13 meters, trhen they dont give pens when the teams creep forward a bit.

i dont have a problem with that
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Watmough was penalised in the 2nd half for his lifting tackle so there was 1 given. Agree it was a good game by Hayne, let things flow and it was not decided by poor calls.
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I agree it wasn't decided by ref decisions and that's a good thing. However I think we could have been awarded more penalties as the Storm held us down way to often. Choc especially couldn't buy a penalty and he deserved at least two. Storm players sure do creep forward and there were a few forward passes from them, especially near our line that went unseen.. However I'm happy.
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3 3 0 32 6
2 2 0 29 6
3 2 1 14 4
2 1 1 5 4
3 2 1 2 4
3 2 1 0 4
3 2 1 -7 4
2 1 1 -8 4
3 1 2 1 2
3 1 2 -3 2
3 1 2 -9 2
3 1 2 -14 2
3 1 2 -22 2
3 1 2 -25 2
3 0 3 -12 0
3 0 3 -18 0
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