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no room for 1996 Signed Jersey

Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by kimbs, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. kimbs

    kimbs New Member

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    Hi, wondering if anyone is interested in, or at least knows a fair price for a piece of memorabilia

    My mother is moving into an seniors residence and has to get rid of a lot of items. She has asked me to sell a framed Manly Jersey from the 1996 grand final - signed by all the players and the coach. It's in perfect condition, and there may be a certificate with it - Unlikely as family Lore has it that a family member new the team doctor and got him to procure the jersey..

    I really have no idea what sort of price I should be looking for and was hoping some fans might have a suggestion. I was thinking of GumTree and eBay, but if anyone knows of any other avenue I'd be interested to hear, Chip and Chase, has suggested around $1000 on eBay, which is the what I have tasked number one son to do.



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