No Pass-outs once inside -> revise meeting plans?

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Doug no worries,

Give me a call soon. You might as well hit my place before going then I guess, we can do lunch and then head in

Yep Im keen to make it a full day. Will talk to Matt and see where he is staying and will sort out a time and call you tonight.


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Does anyone know whether the Novotel is very near where the special events buses drop folks off from the Nthn Beaches?

It looks like it to me but I'm not sure.


it is on the opposite corner to the stadium, I will be there at around 1:30ish, even though I don't know what any of you lot look like :lol:


Reserve Grader
Gosh Dan, you're a funny SOB. You don't go to a Friday night match because you want to be 'fresh' for a beer league match.

The Gronk

Mate I have a few family/friend obligations in the morning...every time I come to Sydney I risk excommunication from everyone should I not see them all.

I will either be at Ryde or Hunters Hill for lunch and then I will get the bus to Homebush. I was going to aim for 3pm but can maybe get there a bit earlier if you guys are REALLY thirsty.


Kim Jong Dan
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Yep sounds like a plan. Ill get dropped off or get there somehow, probably around midday.

You will need my new address then!

If not jsut a train to Artarmon station call me and I will come grab you.

Will Gronk be with you?

Anyone else want to start at my house too?


First Grader
Nah Matt has prior engagements with family but will meet us at Novotel. I will probably get dropped off, SMS me your address.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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are you coming down the M2?

If so let me know so I can give you some half decent directions

The Gronk

Gronk is going to go around and see a few bunny supporting family/friends and be so obnoxious they will wish they had never demanded he come and see them.

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