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No One Likes us & I DO CARE

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Ralphie, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Ralphie

    Ralphie Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    I know we are hated and it's a fact of life. I was born a Manly supporter and played 14 seasons with the Narrabeen Sharks. I am a Sea Eagle through and through. I understand that it is pure jealousy of success that drives it, regardless of what lame excuse they give for hating us, but I can assure you that I was a little distressed by it as a young boy as was my son when he was a boy.

    I expect in the next few years to become a grandfather and I for one would like the level of vitriol towards us to subside so my Grand children don't have to endure the abuse as kids. We no longer live on the Peninsula and so the hatred is far more apparent.

    For mine, I think the club should consider some form of effort to try to reduce the hatred directed at us. It's all good and well for we adults to thrive on it, but the kids who live outside the Northern Beaches really do cop an unfair wrap out of all of this. We should stop embracing it and try to address it.

    We are not Silvertails, we are a struggling club with a proud history.
    We do not buy Premierships, more than most clubs we develop young players.

    The hatred and abuse this week has been, frankly, sickening.

    End of Rant
  2. Mark from Brisbane

    Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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    Well said BUT how do you overcome this when the Tele runs a story "10 reasons why we hate Manly"

    I care, you care and lots care...but what the **** do we do to stop it!!
  3. Ralphie

    Ralphie Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +2,953 /287
    Perhaps the club needs to have a meeting with Mr Gallup and his News Limited bosses and point out the effect such publicity has on Manly Supporters that are kids.

    I don't have the answer, but I really think it's time to say enough is enough. Such fostering of hatred will one day have serious consequences for some Manly fan, of that I have no doubt. It has gone beyond competitive banter, this week the comments sections of each of the internet media outlets has demonstrated a level of pure hatred that cannot be justified or condoned.
  4. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

    +5,631 /205
    i have a magic wand you can borrow
  5. Narly

    Narly Active Member

    +74 /2
    Why bother! Really the whole hatred thing is stupid. I support Manly and they don't. All the radio and tele crap is to get ratings and sell papers. I can't believe these people that spend money to tell the world how they hate manly. As I said before MORONS!
  6. silvertail

    silvertail Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Stuff them.

    My 11 year old newly found Manly fanatical will accompany me tomorrow night at SFS. He too will learn to be proud that they envy us. He too will follow his fathers footsteps of living the life of a Manly supporter, living in Marrickville, who has strangely enough given total support for the mighty sea eagles. I survived, and know that they hate us most because we are successful. To hate us means that we are successful. I have enjoyed being a Manly fan for every minute of the last 39 years and I am sure that my 11 year old will love every minute of being a Manly fan for the rest of his life.

    Nothing needs to change. Maintain the rage. Trust in Des. Trust the team and support staff, including Zorba. Never forget that we can justify the siege mentality that we quite rightly created. We are glory bound and the only thing stopping us from a victory lap is a series of refereeing clangers.
  7. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

    +2,757 /88
    I work with youngs blokes, mainly West Tigers fans who say they hate Manly - I asked them why and they dont really know - unfortunately it is the culture of league. Ongoing success means it wont change soon
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    • King

      King Active Member

      +98 /5
      It's a bit hard for someone to give you **** about your team when they are winning.
    • Jerry1

      Jerry1 Well-Known Member

      +2,657 /93
      11 in 12 rugby league fans will be mighty pissed off come end of play tomorrow night. However, us in maroon & white will be in party mode.

      Bring on the storm.
    • captainskin

      captainskin Active Member

      +80 /0
      You make valid points, Ralphie. And I do empathise with your situation. My wife and kids live in Castle Hill. THis is prime Parra territory. When I go to the tavern ever to watch a game and Parra are playing the eels supporters are everywhere.
      My son plays soccer and baseball. He is only eight. He also plays rugby league for the school and they have the Parra boys coming up to train them. He is a passionate and vocal Manly supporter and loves standing alone against all his Parra friends. I don't find the abuse all that serious at all, in fact, I rarely here any bitterness or abuse for being Manly supporter - and we wear our hats and shirts all the time.
      Personally, I think all the sliver tail jibes are mostly tongue in cheek, and if ever an abuse comes our way (which it never has) I think it would be extremely rare... and from a complete ignorant yobo, anyway.
      My son and I love knowing we are not liked (not us, but our team). He says, 'bring it on, baby' :^)
    • Jerry1

      Jerry1 Well-Known Member

      +2,657 /93
      Anyway - its just a news ltd ploy to take the hate spotlight away from Gallop.
    • jjai

      jjai Active Member

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      Form slump Ralphie ..;) How you going dude, why do you care for ???As long as the Sea Eagles are winning & keep being a successful club why care ..
    • SP_Eagle

      SP_Eagle Member

      +12 /0
      We live in the Blue Mountains, my 10 year old plays for a local team JRL team, wears his Manly jersey proudly to training, he gets a bit of the old rhetoric such as "Manly suck" but its all in good fun, he laughs as hard as they all do, I don't see any harm from here, but i do get it a bit from my mates and some parents, again, more banter. By the way I may be bias but he is a pretty good player and only wants to play for Manly when he is older :)
    • shauneagle

      shauneagle Active Member

      +11 /0
      Unfortunately News Ltd will not stop until Manly are no longer in the comp. The amount of foxtel subscriptions that can be sold in places the population size of Melbourne or the Central Coast compared to the Manly area just doesn't stack up. News hate loyalty and tribalism, they want people sitting on the coach watching their product.

      I too have been sickened beyond belief at the diatribe that has been directed at our proud club via the news ltd press the past week. I'm convinced some of it has been slanderous. The attempt to put Steve Matai on the radar as the hitman who was going to smash Darren Lockyer was an outright attempt try to exert some influence over the refs.

      If I didn't love Manly so much I would be turning my back on the whole thing. I actually feel physically sick.
    • SeaEagleRock8

      SeaEagleRock8 Sea Eagle Lach Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +10,560 /215
      Everyone needs a gimmick. Our gimmick is that we are the most successful club and the object of envy and jealousy from other fans far & wide. Like I read in one of the other topics earlier, Norths were everyone's second team because they were hopeless.
    • Rex

      Rex Well-Known Member

      +2,376 /60
      You can train a dog to be afraid. Then it automatically reacts with fear.
      You can train a boy to be afraid. Then he automatically reacts with fear.

      Hatred is a form of trained fear, as is jealousy.
      Haters are puppets, trapped in terror.

      Feel sorry for the haters. Their pain far exceeds yours.
    • Duff

      Duff Well-Known Member

      +631 /12
      Nice theory but it just doesn't work that way.

      Hatred can also come from contempt.
      Hatred can come from a sense of superiority.

      I hate those i am superior to, i envy those superior to me and aspire to be them in order that i can then hate on those who are as i am now.
      Work that one out Socrates.
    • mosto

      mosto I have a well known member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,262 /12
      For all the things that have been said to me for being a Manly supporter, the one that stuck with me the most was around the time we looked like folding and a mate said "You know, I don't hate Manly anymore. In fact, I feel a bit sorry for them". That was painful to hear because it meant we weren't a threat. In 08 the same mate said "It's back...the hatred, I hate Manly!".... and once again, all was right with the world.
    • Cameron

      Cameron Cambo

      +669 /35
      Their hatred comes from iggnorance. They don't know what it means to be apart of this amazing club and they are jealous. there's something so special about this club we support. If they hate us it's their loss.
    • manlywarringah

      manlywarringah Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,256 /40
      I live in a fibro house in Liverpool, was born and worked in Bankstown and now work in Parramatta!

      I have loved and supported Manly since the early 70's and intend on showing my colours wherever i am until the day i die. Though i have encountered a few people who PASSIONATELY hate Manly, overall i'd say it isn't that bad. In fact, i'm always suprised of the amount of Manly supporters out there. I see Manly gear in Liverpool all the time and don't cop any abuse.

      The way i look at it is News Ltd have realised that we have re-invented ourselves over the years and the hatred isn't as strong as before. It seems each decade, they bring up the old stories to get the fans hatred up again. It's a bit of theatre and stirs everyone up again. Not sure why they do it. They certainly seem to enjoy writing this stuff though.

      To be a Manly supporter, you need thick skin and a deep love of your club. We have that. I like to wear it as a badge of honour.

      I used to have the MANLY number plates in the 90's. I'd get a hell of a lot of toot's and cheers plus the occassional blast. The one that got to me more than any other was in 1998 or 99 when we weren't going well. Someone pointed out the window and laughed. From that moment, i realised that i would rather be hated than laughed at.

      Wear your team with pride and sucko to everyone else!!!

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