[Resurrected] No longer can Brookvale be called The Fortress


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Whilst watching the league show on Foxtel Monday night I was worried to see the stat that we have now lost 5 of our last 6 gamesat Brookavle!!! How the hell can we still call our beloved Brookvale The Fortress?

Our mighty Eagles have now lost 14 out of the past 16 games and have only managed to win 1 out of our past 9 night games! These are terrible numbers and scares me considering our next 2 home games are likely to be at night.

I am sick to the back teeth of hearing "we have new buys and need time to gell." ... What a load of horse sh*t!!!! - we bought 2 regular first graders, the rest were there last year and already know each other. Our defence is sh*t and there is no ther word for it. Our attack is just as stagnate and un-creative as it ever was. What the f*ck do they do for 3 months in the off-season??????

A great footballer Des was, but a great coach he is not. This team is not progressing whilst the rest of the competition has over the past 2 years. Call it negative but the numbers don't lie. We may get Jamie Lyone for next year but it won't change sh*t unless we can score points and defend our line as a team.

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The Fortress is no more - it is now the Sandcastle of the House of Straw!!!

We need to recapture that home form asap and it must be built on defense.

Des has to pick players that can move laterally and defend in the centre of the ruck!
We have to use the same style of sliding defence as the great 95-97 team. That was why they were so good - not because of the points they scored, but because no one could score any points against them.


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wont work in todays game crucsher - the game is too fast and the players need to be able to rush off their line once inside the red zone - 20m. Our players would be too tired


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Great post Silver.

Dessie did say at the season launch it will take 6 rounds before we gell. ppfffftt! :stupid:


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We have to use the same style of sliding defence as the great 95-97 team. That was why they were so good - not because of the points they scored, but because no one could score any points against them.
What about using the same technique we used for the 1st half of the season last year.Its not like we dont have a team that knows how to defend well. Our defence was rock solid up until mid year,we did let tries in but the players were tackling well & defending their line pretty vigorously.Im sure i can remember commentators saying we had the best defence in the competition(especially after our first 5 or 6 matches anyway).


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300 people to heard it, I almost chocked on my beer :(

He said 6 rounds to gel but we'll still win the games. Please


I personally think it would take time... remember parra's start of the year last year with a new halback (tim smith), tigers first year with a new halfback (scott prince)... it is a major position and bringing someone new into it, that majority of players haven't played with before... it's gonna take time.

Not time at training, although this helps.. but game time together is whats needed.. i don't expect them to fire straight away.. even though they should have beaten canberra but i do think with the class that orford has... it won't take as long to "gel" as it would with various other halfbacks!


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Matabele made a good point on MSE earlier in the day. If its so important that the team plays together to 'GEL', why was it that we saw very little of the two halves in the first trial of the year v roosters?


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A couple of White stripers found the fortress brookie sign thrown away outside the ground see pics

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Barrett has to go NOW , clearly with this record he has no idea of the culture at this fine club and has told several people apparently that he has no need to learn the teams victory song for obvious reasons!!!! No excuses now as this is his third season and as anyone can see we are stuffed with a capital F.
Critics can't understand why he hasn't selected Steve Matai once this season and don't get me started on Brett Stewart. Barrett was a great footballer but as a coach it's only that myth Bonzo Fulton who rates him.
Why doesn't this club understand anything? We have no hope of ever winning anything ever again. Hasler needs to get a good hair cut and pretend he was born on the Northern beaches to ever have a chance . How many coaches born at Penrith have ever coached Manly to title? Both of you get out now ! Allowing Jamie Lyone to retire , are you kidding? And what about Cliffy Lyones , hasn't been selected for more than a year. I saw him the other day and he is devastated at his treatment.
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Soon as I saw the date of the post I knew who was behind this bump...
Haha love it......
Absolutely spooky though the relevance to today.
And I think the cure is the same.
A couple of BK type winners.

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You may have a serial pest on your hands here Harvie but it would be easier just to bump the old threads and just change a few names.
Agree. And it gives us an insight into how similar our position was back then doing it this way.
The only difference is the half a dozen posters had a lot more work to do back then.


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I've gone there for 40 years+ and I've never called if the fortress. It is our home ground. I can't stand not winning every game but am not so silly to fall into the complacent trap of assuming a guaranteed win every time. "The fortress" is a lazy and arrogant term.


I'm starting to worry that steps like naming the place "Lottoland" are part of a cynical ploy to move the team away from Brookie.

In which case our appalling recent record there is actually helping their cause.

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