No drinking ban

Jesus Wept !!

Nothing wrong with a social drink here & there . As long as they stay out of trouble. It may even be good for team bonding. What do you want them to do ? Go ten pin bowling or ice skating.

I know someone in the hotel trade in Manly who knows the players & the only night they are seen down Manly is usually Sunday nights or the night of the actual game. The players would normally be at the Leagues Club till a certain time before heading down to the Wharf Bar , then to Cerutti's Bar.
telling the players they can not go out for a few beers would just pi$$ them off. they are humans and can do what they want in their spare time as far as I am concerned, who are we to tell them what they should and should not be doing?
Ok Corso...Des gave the players four days off after many successive losses. I think our team look weak minded & lethargic.

You yap about players having time to relax. How about 26 weeks of it? Do you work under those terms and still get paid 6 figures? Even the guys on $50k are doing alright. If they worked a full year like the rest of us, it would be like they're on $100k too.

Why is it other clubs don't need breaks? Why is it The Roosters have banned many local drinking holes?

I honestly don't understand where your coming from.

If my boss told me I only had to work 1/2 a year, but had certain criteria to meet to gain that, then by hell or by high water I'd do whatever it takes.

Watch the replay of our last 10 games (even at times during the Broncos games). Listen to the commentators. Listen to the media. Listen to the fans.

Even YOUR rose coloured glasses wouldn't dim the vision that much to see that this group are just not working.
My dear Ryan,
If you were feeling a bit weak and lethargic what you do, (a) work even harder or (b) a few days off and relax & maybe have a few drinks with your mates. If I was feeling a bit weak & lethargic I would pick (a), you obviously would pick (b), mate if that works for you just keep on flogging yourself and I will guarantee you will not perform any better.

Your comment in relation to working 26 weeks a year only is ludicrous, based on that comment the players all turn up the week before the first game in March and even if they don’t make the finals finish in the 1st week of September, of course if they make the final series the players must have to claim for overtime. As for pre- season training which starts in November each year this is obviously done on a voluntary basis by each of the players.

The Roosters are not banned from drinking, just certain establishments in the Eastern Suburbs due to the propensity for disagreements to occur with the clientele that frequent those establishments. Unless you have heard otherwise my information is that the nightclubs you have mentioned in Manly all welcome the players as they are a well-behaved group of blokes

This group of players didn’t work last weekend, on that I agree with you, as for other games that we have lost I would suggest that they have been working quite hard, that does not mean that they are playing well or with great deal of skill, but certainly playing hard. With the exception of last week and the St George game, we have at various times been a chance of winning each of those games, so do not insult my intelligence by suggesting the players have not been working hard.

Your argument is so full of holes it lacks any credibility, lets keep on flogging them, maybe start pre season training the week after the season finishes, and god help us do not let them do what most mates do and have a drink. Maybe then you will be satisfied.

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