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What do you guys think. When they lose, there should be a complete ban on drinking for the week.

I say in the confirmative.
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Check this out Mata - from the official site froma guy called maxmanly05:- This was in the thread that included your open letter to the players:-

I think the last 4 paragraphs sums up Manly's attitude over the past 2 months.. They dont have the right mental attitude. On the Sunday night after the Knights loss I saw nearly the entire team at a Manly nightclub spot. When I approached them to ask what they are doing, one player replied "Celebrating another Loss" with half a smile... What kind of attitude is that?????? The boys just dont seem to have the passion, the mental attitude, the fire in the belly to get over teams week in, week out and play for a premiership.

Confirms my suspiscions.
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I am sure we have all had bad periods in our respective careers, damm sure I have. Well guess what we do in my office when we have had a rough week, courtesy of the company on Friday afternoon we all have a drink or two or three.

It doesn't mean we are celebrating a bad week it is just a good way to help unwind and lose some stress & tension. We have a bitch about this & that and even after a bad week we still manage a laugh.

These guys are not robots, they live their working careers under immense pressure, give them a break, let them enjoy a few beers, they need to relax just like I and my colleagues do.

We celebrate our succsesses in this office with beer but we also commiserate our losses with a drink as well. Common Ryan get over it, these are big boys and as long as they are drinking responsibly they are doing no harm to anyone.
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But if you have NINE successive bad weeks, continuing on from 8-9 years of bad years, that's a lot of bad day Fridays drinking away.

Any other business would make wholesale change Corso.
If a ban on drinking is an incentive to play well and win, well we're in more trouble than I thought.
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Off subject Ryan, you were talking about the players having a drink, not about making changes. I am only saying that all workers in a high pressure enviroment need to relax, for most of us that means having a drink with our workmates, they generally are the only ones that really understand your work place and its pressures.

I will never undertsand the pressure of being an NRL player, I will never undertsand the pressures that you face in your career and I would never be so pretentious to do so and & how you should escape them,

If the Manly team enjoy a beer together after a match, win or lose and have a joke together about their performances I see no wrong with that.
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Pete if the company offered to pay for drinks only after a good week wouldnt that inspire you guys to work that little bit harder??
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Yes, I mean Max. But I also consider myself a stakeholder in many ways. You too Corso, but abviously boozing it up, and having merry old time works for you when taking Manly into consideration after a loss.

We have a very, very poor culture.
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I see both of your points. Pete we do the same at my work place. And Ryan you want some sort of punishment, i don't know how to punish them except to make them front up to the fans on stage at the club.
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Put it this way. Parramatta lost 3 in a row last year, and on their 4th game, there was a petition to oust Smith. He couldn't even walk through the club without being jeered.

Manly have won ONE for NINE.

But that's cool, go & hit the turps !!!
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Can't speak for others but in my office we all work long, hard hours, like all businesses we have some some wins and we suffer some losses.

But we all share a common goal and we are probably the only ones that know the pressures that are on each staff member. Whilst my wife knows what I do & the pressure that we work under she freely admits that she will never fully understand that pressure, my colleagues do undertsand it and it is good therapy to relieve that pressure at weeks end with a few beers. Iam sure the same applies to NRL players. That is THEIR job, only they know the pressures they are under. They are entitled to free time and time to relax, if they choose to spend that time with their team mates sharing a beer and a joke I am sorry but I fail to see the problem.

To remove that privilge under the threat of performance would be seen by me & I assume NRL players as a petty act. If however you feel they would perform better the following week by being told to go home, ignore your teammates and speak to your signifigant other about your performance today then both you & Ryan are entitled to that view. I just don't agree and I am sure I could introduce you to a group of guys and gals in my office that swear the only thing that keeps us sane is beer o'clock on Fridays.
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A bit like your boss saying "Ryan you are not to go out on Saturday night"

You'd tell him to go and get F'ed

I agree Ryan they need some sort of punishment.
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Your not getting my point. It's not about beers, it's about accountability & attitude. These players think they are untouchable. They don't give a toss after a loss. It's just - next week - that'll do.
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Max is a succesfull businesman in an extrmley compitive business. I for one moment don't believe that he feels the players are entitled to some R&R. You seem to have a real passion to see the players flogged unmercifully all the time, when they had the bye a few weeks ago you wanted them to keep on training.

They are human beings, albeit highly tuned and talented ones but they are human beings, we all need a break, our bodies are not designed to be switched on 24/7, we all find ways to relax, if the players find it relaxing to have a drink together doesn't that show something to you, that even in defeat they still want to be together, even for you that must be some sort of positive.
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Since when is accountability judged by what they do in the hours after a game. It is judged by what they do at 3pm on Sunday.

The accountability is up to Des, if they don't perform they should be dropped to PL, that will affect their accountability to a point you can understand, because it will affect their earning potential the next time they renew their contract.

It is no point whinging about their current contract because in most cases they were signed at least 1 year ago and longer in many instances. They will earn that money regardless of how they perform.

Accountability to a large extent is now out of the players hands, it now sits fairly in the hands of the coaching staff.
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