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Hello Mods or maybe just a clever bugger,

I know I'm asking a lot here but I'm wondering if someone can make a sticky thread outlining all the nicknames for every player?
I swear people have just started to make their own up! Mostly I get who posters are talking about but sometimes I'm pretty sure they're talking about their childhood teddy.

Or maybe people could just add it here. I'll start:

1. Tom Trbojevic aka Turbo


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Someone will chip in.

Each to their own but it often seems like someone thinks they have a funny nickname and starts using it...even if no one else knows it, or the player has 30 already.

Therefore everyone is Derek. Except Derek, obviously (who was my childhood teddy).


Ruben: sandwich
waddell: something to do with ducks, quacks, or walking funny


In for the long haul.
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Labrador (Suli)
DCE ... though I prefer Sid ..
Buttocks Jnr


Thanks Woodsie - how is Suli a Labrador? If ever there was Labrador on our team or, for that matter, anywhere is sport, it's Jake. He is the embodiment of a Lab.


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If I read your post correctly...

Garrick is sandwich as his first name is Reuben... like the Reuben sandwich!

Sandwich doesn't roll off the tongue too well...I like Deli myself but it didn't stick.

Scorpio for Parker.

Tent for Paseka

The Frog for Croker

Horhay for Jorge

007 for DCE

Stuey Davis will always be The Bug, Menzies is Beaver, Lyon is Killer and Igor will always be Igor.
Someone put up Missy for Elliot, which I like.

General for Cust(er) is also good.

I prefer the Giraffe to DCE, but rarely used.

Nothing innovative in the pack? Jurbo, Sirro, Thommo, Kapow?

Make some up?; Levi - "Strauss". Suli - "Wheelie Bin" ( not really!). Keppie - "Special"
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