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next week

sue ridgepipe

Active Member
Jul 18, 2004
if anyone doubts the importance of next week then the following matchups will help

cowboys-rabbits at dairyfarmers
sharks-knights at sharks on a saturday night
roosters-warriors at roosters.
canberra-eels at canberra
tigers -bye

if we get beat and cowboys,sharks and roosters win (all heavy favourites) we will be 9th with the bulldogs right up our ass on 21.

there is a lot of football to be played but the psychological impact of falling out of the eight after a good start to the season and then facing the cowboys and broncos at full strenghth could finish us.that is why all this crap about the fact we should be pleased with where we are now compared to last year is rubbish.equal 3rd becomes 9th in a flash.no one gives a **** where a team is in round 18.it is time to stand up boys.


Well-Known Member
Jul 19, 2004
We could be in danger of taking over the tigers role of starting a season well then to miss the semis.


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2004
and if things go the other way we can be third outright

considering this weekend 5 out of 6 possible wins for the teams outside the 8.

Its a tight one and it could go to the wire for the top 4 and top 8.

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