Next technology/technique change

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Jumping one step ahead of the opposition is a key to winning formulae.

What jumps in technology or techniques have you seen change Rugby League success? More importantly, what can you see coming or would you like to Manly experiment with? Some past ones:

* Full-time professionalism of players & coaches
* Extensive use of stats & videos
* The in-goal bomb - so successful they changed RL laws
* Soccer coaches training goal kickers
* In-goal grubber
* Change-of-direction attacking grubbers & attacking chip kicks with chasers on sprint.
* Aussie rules style drop punt rather than torpedo for line-kicks
* Wrestling training to assist with defence & attack
* Turtling players, & grappletackle to slow-down play-the balls
* Cross-field drop-punt with aussie rules style mark
* Round the corner style goal kicking
* The long kick-chase with a straight line of defence
* Defence patterns - straight-line, umbrella, up-and-in, sprint-up defence,
* Keep it simple dummy-half running
* Surrender tackles to get quick play-the-ball & roll-on
* Dummy running to draw in or obstruct defence.
* Speedy halves becoming hookers
* High swirling torpedo bomb
* Mouse-trap at dummy half
* Genetic testing

The next innovations may well be borrowed from other sports.
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You left out the use of Nautilis weights a la the Roosters in the mid 70s. Revolutionised training.

Also Ricky and the Roosters use a bag on a flying fox to practive tracking and defense.

Maybe the next innovation can be players having jobs in order to keep them out of trouble!!!!
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Maybe the next innovation can be players having jobs in order to keep them out of trouble!!!!

Or parolee-style GPS-tracking ankle bands? In club colours of course.
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Manly tried the GPS trackers but it was banned by the NRL.

BTW you forgot feeding the ball directly to the second row in scrums making scrums a big group hug rather than a contest.
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Too bad they're banned in the game. Could finally discover where some players disappear to.
Don't forget the bark (as opposed to Bark's)

I think you have covered pretty much everything Rexx (apart from the flying wedge)

I think one of the new inovations may be more protection for players along the lines of NFL style padding (not helmets) but some of the other body and leg protection as players become bigger faster and stronger without some beefed up protection more players are going to be put out of action for longer periods without changes in this area
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Assisted leap to take mark in in-goal?
(Lineout-style lift, jump on teammates' shoulders, etc)
[quote author=The Gronk]
Hoppa brought a few innovative new plays to the game....
The NRL has been trying to put their finger on new innovations but they can't seem to manage it? :lol:



yeah working out new innovations can be a real pain in the *rse!! 8D
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