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News Reports & comments

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Aug 18, 2008.

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    News Reports & comments

    Idiot 'fan' ruins Rabbitoh win

    By Steve Jancetic

    HE will be the South Sydney fan every Rabbitohs player will today despise.

    Rather than discuss Souths' wonderful 40-32 upset win over arch-rivals Manly yesterday at ANZ Stadium, a Rabbitohs supporter will steal the headlines for a blatant act of imbecility.

    The fan, sitting in the South Sydney members' area, threw a metal object at Manly centre Steve Matai, who was walking from the field after being sin-binned in the 37th minute.

    It narrowly missed Matai and Manly trainer Simon Keith with an angry Souths chief executive Shane Richardson threatening to find the culprit and ban him for life.

    Police intervened yesterday but the man was not found. Souths and ANZ Stadium management will view closed circuit television footage today in attempt to identify the culprit.
    We will go through the video and talk to our members," said Richardson. "He is not a person we want as one of our fans.

    "It's not the character of this club. It's disappointing. We will find out who he is and ban him for life. I apologise to the Manly club."

    Keith said the object - a metal socket the size of a five cent coin - could have caused significant injury had it hit someone in the head.

    "A piece of metal came flying over," he said. "Security saw it. It missed me by about 30cm.

    "If they are the supporters of the game, then what hope do we have? It's sad. You don't expect that from rival fans."

    Matai did not want to comment but Manly coach Des Hasler added: "We are aware of it. We'll let the authorities handle it. If you are asking whether it was a concern, yes it is a concern."

    But the fool who threw it should not hog the limelight from Souths' exciting win.

    Souths deserved the victory, scoring seven tries to six in an entertaining match.

    It was the first time Manly have conceded 40 points since a qualifying final against Parramatta back in 2005.

    Manly skipper Matt Orford claimed the loss was the worst he had been involved with at the club - a defeat which could also cost the Sea Eagles this season's minor premiership.
    The Sea Eagles looked lethargic yesterday - no doubt suffering a hangover from last week's loss to Melbourne at Brookvale.

    Souths led 22-10 at halftime after a thoroughly committed first half. But a sloppy start to the second half allowed Manly to score three quick tries and snatch the lead.

    The Rabbitohs, though, refused to buckle and stormed home with three late tries to overwhelm Manly.

    Fullback Nathan Merritt scored three tries while Chris Sandow, Roy Asotasi and Luke Stuart were also impressive.

    Manly scored a bizarre final try when it appeared prop Josh Perry knocked on. Asotasi allowed the ball to roll around on the ground - thinking it was a knock-on - with Perry coming through to ground the ball.

    Video referee Steve Clark ruled the ball came off Perry's head and awarded the try.

    "It was a rookie mistake," Asotasi conceded.

    Asked about the loss, Orford said: "It was attitude, plain and simple. We need to have a good hard look at ourselves."

    Asked if he thought Manly would be down after the Storm game, Souths coach Jason Taylor said: "We thought that was a big chance of that happening. Everyone watched the (Melbourne) game and knew how much Manly put into it and that it would be hard to back up."

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    Re: News Reports & comments

    Eagles pay price of shattering loss

    By Ray Chesterton
    August 17, 2008

    THE see-saw in the decades of feuding between Souths and Manly tilted decisively yesterday.

    Souths can't make the semi-finals this season but they managed to extort a ridiculous price from Manly, who will.

    Like old-time bushrangers, Souths came from nowhere to rob Manly of:

     The chance of a minor premiership and its guarantee of survival in the first round of playoffs;

     The $100,000 prizemoney for winning the minor premiership; and

     Finally, the result makes an impact on Manly's morale so close to the big games coming up.

    Manly have now lost three of their past four and yesterday's often lifeless performance underlined the need for refocusing and revitalisation by the players.

    In Manly's three weeks of struggle before yesterday, they lost to the Roosters 34-12, beat the Panthers 30-10 and lost to the Storm 16-10. The intensity of the build-up to the Storm clash looked to have taken a toll on Manly physically and mentally _ but coach Des Hasler said it did not.

    In fact he said "No" quite emphatically.

    "That wasn't it," he said, preferring to think professional players could handle such situations.

    Half and Manly captain Matt Orford thought it was simply attitude - or lack of it.

    "It's the only thing I can put my finger on," he said.

    "We have to take a hard look at ourselves tomorrow."

    There's no excuses for equal leaders Manly producing such a patchy performance and conceding seven tries against a team running 13th.

    Manly kept getting into a hole and playing their way out of it (they scored three tries in nine minutes to open up the second half). But Manly couldn't harness the application and energy long enough to take charge.

    Even getting to the lead 26-20 with 20 minutes to play after trailing 20-10 at halftime could not stiffen Manly.

    Souths were a delight.

    Fearlessly adventurous in attack, they ran the ball unconventionally, trusting to sometimes luck and more often good judgment.

    Halfback Chris Sandow continues to make a big impact and his crossfield kicks produced two tries. He was also a menace with his open running in the rucks.

    Fullback Nathan Merritt bagged three tries and Roy Asotasi was strong and scored a try from a crossfield kick by a winger - a rare achievement for a prop.

    Letting in six tries took some of the polish from Souths' performance but it was still a win full of enthusiasm, confidence and some daring.

    It conjures up visions of what might have been if Souths had not been dragging the anchor of seven successive losses to open the season this year and Craig Wing had not been injured for so long.

    "The win today came off our good field position, much better attack and hard running by the forwards," Wing said.

    "It was all pretty good."
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    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Re: News Reports & comments

    Bunnies dent Manly's top-four hopes

        By Steve Jancetic
        August 17, 2008

    MANLY skipper Matt Orford labelled their 40-32 loss to South Sydney as the worst defeat in his time at the club as the Sea Eagles handed top spot and minor premiership favouritism over to defending champions Melbourne.
    Orford was dumfounded by his side's inept display in which the Sea Eagles conceded 40 points for the first time in almost three years, especially as it came just a week after they pushed the Storm all the way in a brutal contest at Brookvale Oval.

    Not since the 2005 preliminary finals loss to Parramatta have the Sea Eagles leaked as many points as they did with Orford claiming his side was in desperate need of some time in front of the mirror.

    “We've just got to have a good hard look at ourselves come tomorrow and clean our act up quick smart,” Orford said.

    The Sea Eagles have stayed equal with Cronulla on 32 competition points, two behind the Storm who are gunning for their third straight minor premiership.

    “Attitude plays a big part in this game and you've got to turn up each week, it doesn't matter whether you're playing Souths or whether you're playing Melbourne.”

    Asked if he could remember a poorer performance, Orford said “It's been a while, I can't remember, it's probably the worst I've seen.”

    Four of the top five teams on the ladder all suffered defeats over the weekend, leaving as many as 13 sides in the hunt for the finals ahead of Parramatta's home game against Wests Tigers.

    It will be curtains for the Eels should they go down to their western Sydney rivals, but a Parramatta victory will mean just three points will separate sides sitting fifth through 13th on the ladder with three games remaining.

    One of those sides is Canberra who maintained sixth spot on the ladder with a classy 38-18 win over Newcastle in the nation's capital.

    But not only did the seven tries to three win consolidate a finals berth ahead of their last three games, which are against the bottom trio on the ladder, but it also gave them a sniff at a top four position following losses for fourth-placed Sydney Roosters and Brisbane, who are one point ahead of the Raiders in fifth.

    “That's a possibility, that's for sure, but the next two weeks are very important,” Raiders coach Neil Henry said.

    “Next week's important in the context of where we are so if we can get those six points then fourth could be a possibility for us but again that's three weeks away.

    “We're not a side that can be complacent about anything, and it's been proven that there's certainly been some upsets ... the competition is like that and Souths will be tough next week.”


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