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I am harping on this issue - but it is high tiime that the comp was run by a Football Group rather than a media company. Hard decisions need to be made about the future which relate to development, juniors, finance, recruitment and the exodus of players to England.

Sadly a News company which always be about the bottom line for shareholders. Can you imagine News voting to take profits and use them in ensuring a better TV deal that gives wider exposure to all clubs and more free to air. Can you see them sinking more into Country RL? They certainly won't move Saturday night games (high ratings and big advertising dollars) to Sunday arvos when kids get there and clubs like Manly get much bigger crowds.

Despite this they are willing to Prop up Melbourne to the tune of Millions, the Cowboys (though trying to sell) and seem to put the TV subscription rate as the highest priority. Why else do we have a night grand final but to maximise TV advertising.

This issue seems to be developing momentum - The SMH seems to be running with this and surely action is needed to hand the game back to a group who can run it with the best interests of the game as a whole!!!


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You are qute right CW, you are harping on it :)

I tend to agree to an extent but without their money the game would be nothing like as big as it is today. Country League isnt the only sport in decline, thay all are. Cricket, Union they are all on the way down, Soccer is holding its own as it has huge junior numbers as Mums don't want little johnny to get hurt playing contact sports.

Its not News Ltds fault kids would rather watch TV or eat Maccas and play Xbox.

they prop up melbourne as it is the countries second biggest market and they want a presence there for the revenue streams it can generate. personally I am 100% in agreeance that the storm are in the wrong spot, but I don't expect it to change anytime soon.

As for the SMH, if the Telegraph had a stake in the tiddlywinks world series they would bag it, its all they do, criticise the opposition..

I dont disagree with your sentiments but I really can't see anything happening about it..

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The other thing is that it is generally well accepted that the NRL gave the TV rights away very cheaply compared to other sports, especially as it rates so well.

However can you see News charging itself more for the rights - we are unfortunately beholden to TV. Even the fact that we can't get a season draw and have to wait till five weeks ahead is very poor and happens in no other sport I have ever heard of. It's a joke!!

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Listening to Hughes on Sm yesterday he asked where is the big picture plan for where the game is heading or a steering committee to try and plan for the future. Aint one!!!

Gallop was a compromise to try and bring the game together following the wars and that other tosser that had the job before him.
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