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News: England wants Storm stripped of WCC title

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    <p>THEY'VE lost two premierships, three minor premierships and all competition points this season but the pain is not over for Melbourne.  Within days, the Storm is expected also to be stripped of the last remaining honour of the Craig Bellamy era -- the 2010 World Club Challenge.</p>

    <a href="http://silvertails.net/news/4988-england-wants-storm-stripped-of-wcc-title.html">Read the full article</a>
  2. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Gallop must have forgot that LOL
  3. Blake

    Blake Active Member

    +102 /1
    Why was this not brought up in April?
    Are they just trying to drag out Melbournes painas long as possible?
    I'm actually ok with that!
  4. lismore_fan

    lismore_fan Well-Known Member

    +216 /1
    Allow me first to say that I hate the purple cheating scum.... but...

    The bloody Pommies don't have a salary cap. They were beaten by an Australian Club team. Whether or not they were beaten by a team that didn't play with the NRL financial rules is of no concern to them.

    They've sunk $billions into Sport over the last few years. About time, too.

    No.... stuff 'em. They were beaten by Australia, AGAIN.
  5. Jethro

    Jethro This space is for rent Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +2,112 /11
    We didn't though.  We've been saying that we're still the current Premiers and WC Champions ever since the story broke. ;D
  6. Fluffy

    Fluffy Well-Known Member

    +5,062 /188
    only idiots have been waying we are current WCC champs as everyone else knows they were not stripped of that and nor should they be as the two codes play under different regulations.
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +8,122 /369
    Just strip Storm of it, and the title goes to the team who won it before that.....the CURRENT World Club Champs ;)
  8. eagles2win

    eagles2win Well-Known Member

    +494 /0
    No strip them of the title and it'll go to the other team who won the 2007 and the 2009 NRL premiership the *'s.
  9. Andrew..

    Andrew.. Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +2,464 /30
    The Poms probably only want to claim victory by default !
  10. eagles2win

    eagles2win Well-Known Member

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    Wasn't going to bring this up but English club's lead the Australian club's in the WCC 11 to 7.
    They also have a salary cap and an international player quota (I think it's 5 out of a squad of 25 at this stage).
  11. Andrew..

    Andrew.. Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +2,464 /30
    Wasn't going to bring this up but English club's lead the Australian club's in the WCC 11 to 7.
    They also have a salary cap and an international player quota (I think it's 5 out of a squad of 25 at this stage).
  12. Mickyjuice

    Mickyjuice Member

    +1 /0
    Do the ESL clubs play under the same salary cap as us??
  13. eagles2win

    eagles2win Well-Known Member

    +494 /0
    No. Differnet rules, but they also have to contend with a international player quota as well.

    Salary Cap Rules is as follow's

    The Super League operates under a salary cap system that will calculate a club’s salary cap position at the start of and throughout the season.
    The combined earnings of the Top 25 players must not exceed £1.6 million
    Clubs will only be allowed to sign a new player if they have room under the cap.
    Clubs are allowed to spend a maximum of £50,000 on players outside the Top 25 earners who have made at least one first grade appearance for the club during the year.
    Costs for players outside of the Top 25 earners who do not make a first team appearance will be unregulated.
    Any player who has played for the same Club for at least 10 consecutive seasons will have half their salary excluded from the Salary Cap for his eleventh and subsequent seasons. This is subject to a maximum of £50,000 for any one club.

    I think the biggest question should be would the Storm make the WCC if they had an illegal squad
  14. jwaa

    jwaa member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +43 /3
    Its actually £1.65m (AUD~$2.85m).

    How do they find the money to steal top line NRL players?
    With a cap like that, its little wonder why the Super League is so poor
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    +0 /0
    i reckon storm should keep it remind every one & them that those were the years they cheated,,
  16. deadlyeagle

    deadlyeagle Member

    +11 /0
    hay what about the players who have a UK passport of European passport? would that mean that these clubs in the Uk can bring in players from Aus and not effect the quota?

    That would make sense with the player drain because alot of peaople in Aust have british / european heritage, even I can get a UK passport if i could be bothered.
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    +0 /0
    actually we will give the poms the WCC  trophy if they let us have the ashes for 100 yrs.. after all we dominated them for well over a decade & never got to take the ashes home with us ... 

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