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News: Dogs raise stakes on Manly

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, May 8, 2011.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    THE Bulldogs have upped the ante in the battle for William Hopoate, offering the teenager $1 million over three seasons to leave Manly.The Canterbury hierarchy met with Hopoate 10 days ago, with the club going all-out to snare the NRL's hottest property.Manly remain confident Hopoate's strong family connection with the club will ensure he remains at the Eagles.

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  2. Moondog

    Moondog What's up Darth? Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Hopoate is a local boy with connections in the area, Hodkinson was'nt. There are a lot more compelling reasons for Williiam to stay where he is.
  3. Blowfly

    Blowfly Well-Known Member

    +292 /14
    While I'm confident of Hoppa staying at Manly I must get this off my chest.

    I am getting more and more angry at how the Bulldogs continue to sign players and not be mentioned as having salary cap issues.

    Pritchard, Tolman, Graham, Hodkinson, Keating, Millington, Eastwood, Morris, Ennis, Goodwin, Turner, Stagg, Halatau, Paea, Wright, Lett, Tia-Kalifi, Payne, Romelo all came from other clubs in the past three years.

    They've also upgraded contracts for Barba, Ennis, Morris, Stagg, Payne and others in this time.

    I realise they lost Kimmorley, Hannant, Patten and Idris (rookie contract) in this time but they're now also linked with Will Chambers, Joel Reddy and now have a lazy mill to throw at Hoppa.

    They have form on the board in regards to rorting the system and that snivelling Gallop puppet Greenberg can't be trusted.

    Then in a media release boasting their win in the Harold Matthews the club trumpet how they have great juniors!!! WELL how about using them sometime then?

    That is all...
  4. bhot

    bhot Active Member

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    How are the dog under cap with this sort of money being thrown around!
  5. lloydy

    lloydy Active Member

    +86 /0
    Something fishy is going on if they can offer him this much!! in saying that, he would be mad not to take the money and run.
    I hope that he stays we can't blame him if he goes, it will make me hate the dogs even more than i already do!!
  6. Chip and Chase

    Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    I think the Dogs would be the last place he'd go. They stopped being the "family" club years ago.

    ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

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    I thought last weekend we had forum members confidently stating it was already a done deal that he was resigning at Manly.

    If the dogs have made him an offer then his management must be talking to them.
  8. lsz

    lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +4,850 /102
    Would not suprise me if this is a story leaked by a player manager looking to get their client some extra $
  9. Ralphie

    Ralphie Well-Known Member Premium Member

    +2,953 /287
    So this is on again is it. I'll say it one more time for the dumbies, Hoppa will resign with Manly or he will do his 2 years with the Church.

    That's all folks!
  10. Cameron

    Cameron Cambo

    +669 /35
    Mate top post was thinking the same
  11. tookey

    tookey Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +5,798 /186
    Sandow has suppsoedly signed a contract according to Parra around the $400k mark. however Crowe says that it is $550k and Matt Johns said this morning that word around the traps is that is is closer to $600k a season.

    If parra register his contract at $400k then they must be paying him another $150-$200k a year from third party or cash?

    If I was running a public company I wouldn't be relying on Schubert to be my internal auditor.

    Salary cap auditing should be done arms length by a major accounting firm with forensic accountants and access to all players and managers tax returns and bank accounts and also their families and friends.

    It is good enough for cops to be forced to allow this sort of access when under investigation then it is good enough for NRL players.
  12. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,740 /120
    1 million over 3 seasons is overs for a player who has no fixed position yet and who has only played a handful of games. I mean he has talent but this is ridiculous.

    The media is going to be responsible for clubs going under. They talk up players and inflate their prices. Sons clubs pay overs for them and then we have a handful of players taking up the lion share of clubs cap.

    We can't just increase the cap because clubs can't afford to meet the cap.

    I think I might knock up an article on this
  13. swoop

    swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +1,543 /26
    Who gives a rats what Sandow does, I'm happy to see the two clubs involved implode. If the Eels are paying that much it decreases their ability to sign other player from other clubs.
  14. ayjay007

    ayjay007 Well-Known Member

    +83 /0
    With that much money being thrown at the bloke,who could blame him for taking it.It just shows up another problem that we have at the moment,and that is too many backs for to little positions.Something has to give.If we want to keep Stewart and williams(D),we have to lose someone.One other option is to bite the bullet and declare one or both of them too risky for injuries,and free up $$ to retain other younger players.(before I get howled down,these are just possible options if we want to keep players).
  15. PJ

    PJ Well-Known Member

    +49 /1
    Although I don't think it would eliminate salary cap rorting what are your thoughts on clubs having to release or make available player salaries to the general public? This way we could actually see how clubs fit players in the cap and stop the innuendo about what they are paid. I know there are arguements for and against doing this but surely the other players have an idea about what each is being paid. It happens in other professions (as in salaries available for viewing by the general public) . For example the salary package your local councils general manager is on is freely available if you ask.
  16. Masked Eagle

    Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

    +976 /0
    I don't understand your complaint about the media talking up the players. Isn't that exactly what we want the media to do? Use them to help promote the game?

    I also think you are overdoing the impact they have on what the clubs pay for them. Just because a report says player X is being offered Y amount from a club doesn't mean another club is automatically going to Y+$ to land him.[hr]
    Alot of those players the dogs have signed aren't on any decent money. It would be like supporters claiming we have gone over the cap because we've signed Gaulavo, Robinson, Harrison, Cross, Bailey, Williams, Seu Seu & Rodney. They offered Hodkinson a lot more than we did, but he would still be one of the lowest paid no 7s in the NRL.

    Also a lot of those players you've mentioned aren't even first grade regulars and for them to earn the full amount of their contracts would mean they'd have to play a certain amount of games in first grade. And most of them aren't going to get there.

    If we don't have the money to sign hoppa then a lot of if it is our own fault. We were in pole position to tie him up long term. No other club had the intell on his ability more than us and to be honest, we should have signed him before a ball was kicked this year. We were always going to face competition for his signature, the only thing his form has done this year is other clubs are willing to open their chequebooks more than they did before.

    We might be spending the cap but if other clubs have a greater pool of third party deals (only a small percentage of which can be club guaranteed), then its something our management team need to be working on. I'm sure this is part of the brief of our new COO to expand those commercial opportunities.
  17. Andy 1972

    Andy 1972 Active Member

    +47 /0
    I'd love to know who does the books at Canterbury, he must be the best in the business. They can chase just about every good player in the comp who comes off contract with megadollars, yet they still stay under the cap. He must be a magician.

    Manly Forever.
  18. Cletus

    Cletus Active Member

    +11 /0
    I'd be stunned if we lost hoops, we surely have to only come close to other offers to keep him here. Unlike Hodkinson hes a player we have to keep at all costs, he will be playing rep footy by the time he's twenty.
  19. Pacman

    Pacman New Member

    +4 /0
    Mate they are in a buying spree,compared to our situation manly have not bought anyone of note for three seasons now,We have not been able too as our roster was top dog 2 seasons ago,Our recruitment from within has been amazing and just keeping what we have already is fine with me.But we have had to sacrifice plenty of stars just to keep our current stars and other clubs that have finished above us lately seem to have no limits excluding storm. To keep our great talent we sacrificed talent such as Menzies,bell,Perry,Hodgkinson,stranger,bailey,farrar ,williamson ,Bryant, Hicks, The club has made some tuff decisions and done very well doing so.I think we will have to loose even more but i cant think of any other team that has not made a priority signing from elswhere in the last 3 yrs such as manly.Just shows what depth our club has now.
  20. The Eagle

    The Eagle Well-Known Member

    +480 /0
    Menzies the time was right,the stars were aligned and he got a better way to leave than anyone could possibly write,try in a record setting grand final win over a bunch of salary cap cheats

    Bell was cap pressure and he gave Lyon his proper spot by leaving

    Perry was awful towards the end,but great in his time

    Hodgkinson would have been DCE's backup given time

    Stranger was a great loss.....we still miss his injection

    Bailey was never any good,that was a gain of salary cap space,not a loss

    Farrar while i loved him he had absolutely no place in our roster in FG

    Willo was overrated on all manly forums,other fans seen his lack of class

    Bryant was one who made me cringe every time he caught the ball.....

    Hicks had pace but defensive lapses and also butterfingers imo,but god he was fast but quiet comparable to Scott Donald in all aspects

    I can pick one loss out of our last 3 years

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