Never again.....


I never want to hear anyone bag out a chip kick from Monas again.

What a beauty. From now on Monas chip kicks are to be treated with awe and respect. Out of no where and we win.

:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

Jatz Crackers

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Ive gotta say. I would have seriously doubted the sanity of anyone trying convince me that Monas could instigate a match winning chip kick and regather.

Its not unlike Kings magician like transformation from princess to powerhouse.

Im gobsmacked & chuffed at the same time.



It was funny at my place when I was saying "monaghan, come on mate what are you doing??"

By the end of the game is was saying "Monaghan, you little beauty.. i didn't know you had that in ya!!"


hes just playing with alot more confidence now.. he is capable of being a more than capable player.. its good to see.

same goes for King and his injury free run.

G Stewart has been superb.. who needs BK eh.. we have the younger version of him right here!

Kiwi Eagle

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Could he be our 6???


I beleive so, has more playmaking in him than Burns imo

Some argue that last season it didnt work and he and Orford got in the way and had no combination. However Orford was in his settling in period then, and had no combination with anyone, now he is settled and they would both know their roles, why couldnt it be given another shot ?


Winging it
The much maligned MM won the game for us last night. However I can't forget him and Ox running into each other last year, both attempting to steer the play and very little working. I would be much happier with one general and that is going to be Ox.


MOnas can play 5/8... he just has to sit back more and defend harder.. and just kick long when needed... Also if Orford gets tackled on the fourth.. he can take over.

It could work with a bit of training and coaching.


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As I've posted, Ox and Monas arn't good together. Glenn Stewart as no.6, NO. not quick enough, doesn't kick and has a few to many errors. Keep him in the second row and run him close in. Seems that Choc and Lyon might form a useful combo out wide.


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No one suggested Stewart, did they?

And Orford and Monaghan only played one game together. Give them another try, cause at the moment I'm strongly behind the following:

6. Monas
7. Orford
9. Ballin

14. Burns

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