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He looks the goods boys. Had some pretty good touches considering he is straight out of Flegg. Strong defender and goes about it with minimal fuss. Good debut for mine.

I liked the look of him. You also have to consider that he is only 19. Knows how to spot a gap, but just needs a bit more leg drive and upper body strength to be able to break tackles. A couple of time he looked a little tentative trying to do this, but this will come with age and experience. A very solid effort I thought. Well done. :clap: :clap: :clap:


He looked to me a little like a younger version of Justin Hodges with the way he walks.

he playe well and could be a good repl;acement foir Bell in the next year or two.
Some nice runs, good defence & nice positioning.
He's worth getting down to see Flegg for.

The future is building nicely.
Duff, your last sentence says it all... our depth is sensational... I think Ryan can now accept that crusher (and des) have been doing their jobs in that department.

Re: Neumann, I thought he looked the goods too.. it's only early but that was a good solid debut and he didn't look like he was in over his head.. well done to the young bloke.. he looks like he has a big future in the NRL ahead.


Kim Jong Dan
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strong debut. Tended to hold the ball rather than pass it though
UFO Hunter
... I think Ryan can now accept that crusher (and des) have been doing their jobs in that department.

I dunno about that nutz... i'd still like to see a few of those overrated doggies fowards added to the maroon and white ;)
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Always thought he'd do well. Like I said, runs balanced (like Lyon), and offloads like Gidley (just not as good as either at this stage.)
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I thought he was solid but one or two times, had he positioned his winger we would have scored. A likely lad though and good to see him get a run.
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Well he will onl;y get better, a good first up effort IMO. Has some size about him as well - if adds some speed and strength look out
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Congratulations to both Neumann & Koala.

Got to also give Des some credit for having the stones to bring Neumann up and contract NBQ as a backup.

So does this mean the old "risk aversion" theory about Des, out of the window ??
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We will see this afternoon for the team to play the storm, eg if he keeps Willo and drops Ballin.

Assuming all players are available.
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Neumann went well

cant fault that as a debut he looked dangerous at times. Probably could have thrown the pass but backed himself to be able to get an offload away after fully commiting the defenders to the tackle.
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Very good debut and the club have huge wraps on him, he is being weened as a replacement for Bell when he retires.
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Good debut, did what we could have asked from him

However i wont get too excited over it, because realistically he was lining up against a PL strength Broncos side on his side of the park
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I agree KE (first time) However he did run out of the line, a-la Stevie-Boy, which nearly led to a try. We needed a few more tries and he was hesitant in passing to a noted try scorer. But these things will be coached. Player of the future.
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haha if we both play the ball and not the man then i am sure we can agree on a lot of things, just dont think Matai will ever be one of them ;)
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You're probably right there KE, Unfortunatley Stevie-boy plays the man and not the ball. What odds on two penalties and one missed shoulder charge leading to a try on saturday.

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