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After listenning to him on NRL on Fox last night, I concede I may have been too harsh on Des Hasler of late.

I will wait until round 7 before I critique his performance. Like Brown said, "Manly will show glimpses of brilliance" (TRUE), but they won't have that brilliance consistently until about round 7 (FAIR ENOUGH).

Des Hasler and Nathan Brown are very different personalities, but I guess the coaches projections of Manly's success are on an even keel, and he (Des) hasn't over promised and under delivered.

I pride myself on saying / condeding when I may have been a bit overboiled, and this may have been one of those times.

Judgement pending....Beep......Beep.......Beep......Beep....... :cop:
Ryan, I also have mixed feelings on the matter. On the one hand, we have a whole new halves/hooker combination, and that takes time to gel. The Dragons lost a heap of games at the beginning of last year, and rebounded to come second I think. It is probably only fair to judge the team after 6 or so rounds. On the other hand, losing to Canberra at home is INEXCUSABLE, and Des has to bare responsibility for this, as well as questionable team selections. I guess only time will tell.......


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as Brown said just look at Parra last season, it took them a while to put it all together. although they did have more upfront than us.


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not a bad comment was it? Look how tigers went for 1st half the season also. Manly may not win the comp this year, but I feel the harshness of "a few" critics after rd 1 and 2 were ridiculous considering we have a new number 7 who touches the ball more than anyone else.

And to think some people thought training over the Summer should have solved all this......

Good post Ryan....I just hope there ARE changes by round 7


Trouble is Im sick of hearing Manly wont win the comp this year... but the next year...

I want to win it! If we keep putting it off till next year we will never win!


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And Nathan Brown has won how many comps???

with the cattle he's had he should have a far better record than he does


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And Nathan Brown has won how many comps???

with the cattle he's had he should have a far better record than he does
Very true. Tricky could do it. Saints were heading into the Finals with awesome form last year and fell over, same goes for Parra. You have to :clap: the efforts of Sheen and Murray.

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I know a person in the inner sanctum at St G. They are basically saying that a bad start had them under pressure having to do very well in the middle of the season, thereby not being at the top of their game at semis time.

Basically you can play like crap all year, sneak into the semis and if your form in the last month is good you can win the comp!!!!


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Gobble, gobble.

Do you expect him to dis another Coach..............Please!

Everyone understands they don't have all year Byso, but it's a comment that's been made on many occasions for many teams over the years. Manly have a new doesn't get sorted out on a training paddock.

Common sense prevails against your deathriding the team.


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Byso doesn't have common sense, that was established long ago!

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