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I'll say it again. Can anyone name one team in the NRL that would want Monaghan on their books as their long term half back option?

Even Souths might be out of the running after today's display.


I think he is fine as a player, just not as a teams main and especially not sole playmaker.

DVS Matt

In my honest opinion the only teams that would want him to play starting Half Back would be:



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raiders couldnt wait to get rid of him last time.
warriors will play fein or hohiaa
roosters arent that stupid surely.

DVS Matt

fein or hohaia?

are you taking the piss or naturally that dumb? They are both horrible half backs. They both should be playing in the no.9 jersey.

the fact that the raiders didn't want him 3 years ago doesn't mean they don't want him now. The tigers proved 3 years ago that Withers ain't a no.7 and is being carried by J.Smith. They'd accept Mona's back with open arms.

Roosters would pick Mona's over that hack Finch everyday of the week. If they had a better option at the club they would use it, but they don't.


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Souths COACH said they WANTED him 3 weeks ago on channel 10.

He's the sole play maker and he's not up to that sorta pressure.


Apparently the cornerstones of a great team are having a great prop and a great halfback- at the moment we have neither.
Whether Souths want him or not we are not going to win a competition with Monas at halfback- it's that simple!


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Fien was such a terrible halfback when the Cowboys were on their inspired run in the finals last year, wasn't he? Oh, and he's an Origin player.

There's two things Monaghan can't boast.

Byso - you forgot to mention that Souths wanted Monaghan IF Manly continued to pay the bulk of his salary - it's important to note that.

DVS Matt

Who was playing halfback for the Cowboys for 80% of the year? It wasn't Fien. It was Sheppard, after he went down injured they put in a struggling Fien.


I can't understand why on earth people would think that monas is the answer.
All you have to do is watch the way Orford played against the Warriors and then ask yourself if you could see Mona's having similar like performance???
While saying that Monas is not what we need at half, I am not saying he is useless, and maybe a place could be found for him- just not in such an important position!


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Byso - you forgot to mention that Souths wanted Monaghan IF Manly continued to pay the bulk of his salary - it's important to note that.

I dont know the fine points, the point is they wanted him.

Anyhow you dont have to convince me anymore thats he's not up to a sole playmaker role.

A qualty 5/8 would have helped.


I dont think Brisbane would mind him. Seymour was terrible yesterday and only looks half decent because of Lockyer.

Canberra would take him.

Bulldogs would take him at 5/8.

Roosters would take him. Ask Gus Gould.

Souths would.

Its just another stupid topic. How many people would take Sutton at 5/8? Would Brisbane? No.. does that mean Sutton is a **** player?

No logic again.
you have finally declared yourself as the the grand wizard of abject tomfoolery my friend.that stuff above is pure unadulterated GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you obviously have no respect for yourself,your family or your ancestry.take a bow.


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Brisbane would want him?

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