My Thoughts on the year to date:-


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B. Stewart - Has gone from strength to strength. Alsmost played Origin. Injury to Minichello - he's in. One thing that cioncerns me is his kick returns. When the defence gets within 10 metres of him, his legs tend to go to jelly. He could learn a lot from Minichello in how he hits the line on kick returns, but in order for this to happen, Stewart would need to muscle up like Mini.

G. Stewart - Maaannnn. I am SO surprised by Glenn. Unlucky not to play City / Country IMO. Not a real BK type player, but I also actually think with a bit more experience, pace & muscle (one or two more off seasons), he could turn into a Corey Parker type player.

M. Orford - Everyone knows I absolutely rate the guy as one of the best in the game. And that's why it saddens me to say he has been flat since coming back from injury. We all know he can dominate. I saw that when he played for The Storm. But if a player is demanding more $$$ than Darren Lockyer by $50k, I'd hope he re-captures that form rather quickly. I also think his injuries are hamperring him.

Reserve Grade Props:- I think Rose & Bryant have pleasantly stepped up this year, and are now definite first grade players. I think this says a lot for whoever is coaching our forwards. I'm gutted for Rose, who I was getting a nagging feeling would play City / Country nect year.

Steve Matai - All in all, I'm probably the most dissapointed with Matai. Long Term Injury, then suspension, the injury again, mixed in with court case over head butt scandle, then abuse of female bar girl. We KNOW he can add steel / starch in defence, but I haven't seen enough of him to warrant any assumptions on his 07 playing standard.

Travis Burns:- We just HAVE to sign him if you ask me. And play him @ 5/8. One, he's a great foil for Orford. Two, he can move into the 1/2 back role when Orford retires (Halden / Groom) to other 1/2's spot. He adds attitude and spark in defence, and everything really. He DEMANDS excellence on the field. He is also a ball player, as upposed to Lyon, who is a ball runner. 2nd favourite player behind Choc for me.

Jamie Lyon:- Jamie Lyon hasn't dominated like I thought he would. He isn't a ball player, and shouldn't be playing 58/ in my opinion. The problem with that is that it displaces Matai somewhat. I haven't seen him in those thrashing long runs we saw on YouTube. I'm thinking though, that this is only around the corner. He's all class, and adds loads of experience to those around him.

Chris Hicks and Michael Robertson:- Both have looked classy this year. Very consistent. Also have an element of X factor in them. Both run the ball back well. Top year for our wingers. Hicks is back to 2004 form. I'm surprised he didn't play City / COuntry.

Steven Bell:- Slowly, and I mean slowly he is starting to ignite back to early 06 form. I think he will be an absolute treasure closer to finals time. I love seeing him in the open, with the try line in front of him. He and Hicks have really got a good combination going.

Jason King:- He's brutal now. That's all I can really say. Brutal in attack. Brutal in defence. He's more mobile, more consistent, and more controlled (Penalty wise). Add to that he's getting better by the week. Cannot fault big Jason this year. I wouldn't have him anywhere but in the maroon and white, and as starting prop. Gun, and congratulation are due for him.

Luke Williamson:- What can we say. Solid. Reliable. Well, it's just Willow - aint it. I'm actually sorry he's going in 08. BUT, if we can snag a player like Eastwood, I can see Eastwood / Stewart / Choc who are all young becoming a very, VERY dominant backrow in years to come. With Menzies returning, I worry abour what will become of Willow. He's not a great bench 20 minute player. You'd be better playing Matai from the bench in a Lock type role, but in saying that, Des won't drop Willow.

Des Hasler:- Improving, Improving, Improving. That's all we can ask.

All in all, a TOP year of footy for us to date, and I hope the 2nd is as quite successful. A big :clap: :clap: :clap: to Manly, and its players.

A successful year means new sponsors, increased revenue, increased fan base, increased memberships. We win a Premiership, we don't have to worry about $$$ for a good long while.

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Some good stuff Ryan, but please dont refer to Glenn Stewart as a Corey Parker type player, Parker is a mug ;)

Disagree with some of your Burns effort, would hate to see him at 7 post Orford, and also cant agree that he is more of a ball player than runner


Fair enough. I'm wondering if we are getting 450k of value from Lyon.

We aren't yet.

When he gets settled into a position we will.

Travis Burns started his playing days as a 7. He has been forced to change not too long ago in order to get a run.

Ryan, 5/8th's these days aren't ball players.. they are ball runners!! We aren't getting enough ball playing from our ball player (ox) to see what Lyon is capable of.

The problems are with Orford.. I hate to nag on the bloke but he seriously HAS to pull his finger out if a) he wants a premiership ring b) he wants an origin jersey. He is not doing his job.. he is having spurts of good things but we require more from him! If orford can get something started from Pivot you will see exactly what Lyon will do to a team and Bell and Matai will get the rewards. If orford can get it right (which i'm hopeful isn't far off) we will be ok.

Travis Burns won't get the 6 jersey. So, if he's going to drop his bottom lip about it.. there's the door, champ. If not suck it up and get stuck in.

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