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I haven't the benefit of a replay to watch and have to rely on what I saw when I wasn't sending SMSs to Wheel and Mata!!! ( :lol: )

1. Our power game was okay and the work was spread across the whole pack. Kite was solid, King adequate and Bryant and Rose did their jobs. Rose made good ground and gave us impetus at important moments. We never looked like struggling to get the ball out of our own territory.

2. Defence was generally good and G Stewart and Willo did their jobs well. BK was solid as usual. We missed the energy of Choc and also Beaver's ability to read the game and clean up kicks behind the line. We weren't as solid inside our own quarter.

3. We didn't clean up kicks as well as usual. Mad Pups try was ordinary reading and the almost try after Stewart failed to take the bomb was poor.

4. Orford played well despite looking wounded. However an intercept and a poorly judged kick to Robbos wing cost us big. However our attack looked more cohesive.

5. BK was on half a leg and was still the best player on the field.

6. Hicks didn't make big metres but is class as a centre. He shut down A. Macdougall and read the defence really well.

7. Robertson showed his class and pace. Outside a centre that is not so raw (who can draw and pass) he has the potential to score a lot of tries.

8. Our defence out wide was very good - they seemed to target the fringes and yet the communication worked. Burns was everywhere in defence, and both centres did their job most of the time though one bad decision by Matai could have cost us (again).

9. We showed greater composure than Souths and were able to do the simple things better. Our kick chase was good, Orford directed the side better and superior class and confidence got us over the line.

10. Morwood was hardly used and with Dunley only getting a short burst or two the replacement strategy seems somewhat confusing. I also wonder why we have five props in our rotation?

11. Brett Stewart had a blinder - except for uncertainty under on high ball and a badly missed tackle on Merritt that could have cost us.

The game showed me how much we miss the class of Watmough and especially Beaver - in just the little things they do and the stability they offer to the side.

On Souths - Peachey is a good buy - he was very dangerous. They never stopped trying and a few of their players had a dig. I am not sure about the big wraps on Sutton and Kane Cleal is nothing but a toiler. Ben Walker did some clever things but made vital mistakes. Merritt is quick (though Brett should have stopped him scoring that try)


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Good summation CW.

Think Kane Cleal - think head high shots. Sure enough he was pinged almost as soon as he got on. He showed more energy and front on drive than one of our prop starters.


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Cheers CW good review. Good that Kane is getting a run, sounds like he could play out the rest of the season in the NRL.


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Brett easily had Merrit for pace but he just showed poor judgement by diving in too low after Merrit had slowed and then sped up. A bit more patience would have had him driving in around the knees rather than the ankles.
Hopefully another addition to Brett's experience bucket.

Willo and Burns have been the terrier tackling twins over the last two weeks. I would reckon that they have made about 40 of their tackles in tandem.
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