Murray's Bench Rotation

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Murray's Bench Rotation

Guys, I think Graeme Murry needs to have a good look at the way he used the forwards last night. I've had a little look at the stats and its rather shocking when you break them down and have a look at how they were used.

Amount of Game Time (mins):

1. Andrew Ryan - 80 Minutes
2. Nathan Hindmarsh - 65 Minutes
3. Luke Baily - 59 Minutes
4. Willie Mason - 53 Minutes
5. Steve Simpson - 43 Minutes
6. Anthony Tupou - 36 Minutes
7. Brent Kite - 36 Minutes
8. Brett White - 29 Minutes

Now, as we can see the two bloke who got the least game time were Kite and White. Obviously we know why white was off so much but not Kite. Considering the amount of time that each player spent on the field, have a look at each work load compared to time spent playing.

Hit Ups:

1. Luke Baily - 14
2. Willie Mason - 14
3. Andrew Ryan - 11
4. Brent Kite - 10
5. Steve Simpson - 9
6. Nathan Hindmarsh - 9
7. Brett White - 7
8. Anthony Topou - 4

Then, if each is broken up into the average number of hit ups for their time on the field you get a better indication of the workload they are taking.

Minutes between hitups:

1. Brent Kite - 3.6 Minutes
2. Willie Mason - 3.8 Minutes
3. Brett White - 4.2 Minutes
4. Luke Bailey - 4.3 Minutes
5. Steve Simpson - 4.7 Minutes
6. Nathan Hindmarsh - 7.1 Minutes
7. Andrew Ryan - 7.2 Minutes
8. Anthony Tupou - 9 Minutes

So, when you have a look at that, someone needs to beg the question why Kite, who puts in a work rate almost 300% of Topou and 200% of Ryan and Hindmarsh can get such a short period on the field??? What was Murray thinking while QLD was rolling over the top of NSW and his hardest worker sat on the bench for 3/4 of an hour???? So it begs the question, sure he's taking a lot of hitups, but is he going anywhere? Is Kite on the bench because his hit ups were ineffective?

Average Meters Per Hitup:

1. Luke Baily - 9.9 mtrs/hitup (2.23 meters per minute)
2. Steve Simpson - 8.6 mtrs/hitup (1.81 mtrs per minute)
3. Brent Kite - 7.9 mtrs/hitup (2.19 mtrs per minute)
4. Willie Mason - 7.7 mtrs/hitup (2.05 mtrs per minute)
5. Brett White - 7.57 mtrs/hitup (1.82 mtrs per minute)
6. Anthony Topou - 7.2 mtrs/hitup (80cm per minute)
7. Nathan Hindmarsh - 7 mtrs/hitup (98cm per minute)
8. Andrew Ryan - 6 mtrs/hitup (92cm per minute)

The forwards last night is an obvious one. The guys who were given the most time were the laziest and most ineffective. Players don't choose when the go to the bench of when the come off is so this had to land squarly on Graheme Murray's shoulders. He was unable to draw the most out of his best forwards because 'HE' made the bad decision on who got the most time on field.

For mine, Kite and Baily MUST be the starting forwards for game two.

Ryan, Hindmarsh, Topou can all take a walk. Their MIA last night was a disgrace. 7 minutes between hit ups over 65 and 80 minutes? Give me a break. Thats vintage King material.
Murray's Bench Rotation

I was thoroughly dissapointed with Hindmarsh. Gallen or Choc should be in that side, they basically play the same game.


Murray's Bench Rotation

The worst move I've ever seen was taking Buderus off. Gidley should've been on for a backrower, probably Ryan. Move Anasta to lock & put KG in at 5/8 to help Mullen out.
I'm pretty sure I've never seen Gidley play at dummy half before & Buderus was pretty close to our best player.

Shocked & stunned.

Kiwi Eagle

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Murray's Bench Rotation

Those stats with mins between each hitup are irrelevant imo, because it is not measured evenly.

If Kite spends 10mins on the park with 50/50 possession, and White spends 10 on the park with 60/40 possession qlds way, Kite obviously has more opportunity.

I would call the people out there the most the laziest or most ineffective, because they experienced more of the flow of the game, and on top of all this, they have completely different roles in the team in some cases, best example Tupou, his job is wide on the fringes creating, and most play is up the middle, which is where Kite, White, Bailey and Mason are stationed in their roles


Murray's Bench Rotation

Pretty harsh on Bobcat. I thought he was bloody good. Made 41 tackles to go with his hitups as well, and he had a hand in Coopers try (although you'd never realise this because everyone only remembers Mullens pass to Ryan....not that Ryan did a nice job to draw in two players and then get it away....).


Journey Man
Murray's Bench Rotation

Ryan and hindmarsh are the same type of player - the willos of the NSW team

There is only room for one. Hindy was off a little and still was on par and didnt get in buderus' way like ryan walking back onside on the 3rd giving a shepard penalty away and gifting the field position that lead to a try.

Dump Ryan, and either anasta or gallen to lock

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