Mundine - The Farce Exposed

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First Grader
Gerard Zohs W 17 (5 ko's) | L 15 | D 4 | Total 36 Age 30
Nik Taumafai W 18 (10 ko's) | L 19 | D 0 | Total 37 Age 30
Heath Stenton W 13 (2 ko's) | L 17 | D 1 | Total 31 Age 25
Ian McLeod W 20 (4 ko's) | L 13 | D 1 | Total 34 Age 30
Marc Bargero W 39 (10 ko's) | L 14 | D 4 | Total 57 Age 32
Timo Masua W 14 (8 ko's) | L 12 | D 0 | Total 26 Age 31
Mike Makata W 20 (10 ko's) | L 4 | D 1 | Total 26 Age 34
Kevin Pompey W 32 (12 ko's) | L 18 | D 3 | Total 53 Age 36
Sam Soliman W 33 (13 ko's) | L 8 | D 0 | Total 41 Age 28
Guy Waters W 25 (11 ko's) | L 7 | D 1 | Total 33 Age 37
Sven Ottke W 34 (6 ko's) | L 0 | D 0 | Total 34 Age 34
Brad Mayo W 15 (4 ko's) | L 10 | D 0 | Total 25 Age 29
Roland Francis W 23 (14 ko's) | L 11 | D 4 | Total 38 Age 30
Darren Obah W 19 (12 ko's) | L 4 | D 0 | Total 23 Age 39
Lester Ellis W 41 (28 ko's) | L 8 | D 0 | Total 49 Age 37
Soon Botes W 26 (15 ko's) | L 11 | D 0 | Total 37 Age 29
Ricky Thornberry W 27 (12 ko's) | L 5 | D 0 | Total 32 Age 34
Sean Sullivan W 51 (22 ko's) | L 20 | D 0 | Total 72 Age 35
Rogerio Cacciatore W 31 (22 ko's) | L 10 | D 0 | Total 41 Age 34
Antwun Echols W 31 (27 ko's) | L 6 | D 3 | Total 40 Age 31
Yoshinori Nishizawa W 28 (16 ko's) | L 18 | D 5 | Total 51 Age 38
Mani Siacca W 20 (18 ko's) | L 6 | D 0 | Total 26 Age 28
Sean Sullivan W 51 (22 ko's) | L 20 | D 0 | Total 72 Age 36
Juarne Dowling W 12 (5 ko's) | L 5 | D 0 | Total 17 Age 26
Darmel Castillo W 10 (6 ko's) | L 10 | D 2 | Total 22 Age 26
Mikkel Kessler W 38 (29 ko's) | L 0 | D 0 | Total 38 Age 26
Rashid Matumla W 33 (25 ko's) | L 8 | D 1 | Total 42 Age 36
Rico Chong Nee W 11 (6 ko's) | L 7 | D 2 | Total 20 Age 29
Danny Green W 23 (21 ko's) | L 3 | D 0 | Total 26 Age 32
Ruben Acosta W 14 (2 ko's) | L 2 | D 5 | Total 21 Age 27

So lets break it down.

In the year 2000, Mundine aged 25, had 4 fights. The average age of his opponents was 29. They had a combined 68 wins, 64 losses and 6 draws.

In 2001, aged 26, he had 7 fights. The average age of his opponents was 33. They had a combined 197 wins, 63 losses, 9 draws. The only decent fighters amongst that lot were Sven Ottke, who despite being 9 years older than Mundine, still knocked him out and Sam Soliman who had no preparation and lost controversially.

In 2002, aged 27, he had 6 fights. The average age of his opponents was 33. They had a combined 151 wins, 49 losses, 4 draws. A few notable contenders in that year, Ricky Thornberry and Lester Ellis. Who were nearly old enough at the time of the fights to get pension cards.

In 2003, aged 28, he had 3 fights. The average age of his opponents was 33. They had a combined 113 wins, 36 losses and 3 draws. He fought Sean Sullivan, an average Kiwi hacker who was wheeled into the ring.

In 2004, aged 29, he had 4 fights. The average age of his opponents was a spritely 32!!! Its a shame 3 out of the 4 were woeful. They had a combined 111 wins, 49 losses, 5 draws. The only decent fighter amongst them was Mani Siaca who was a year younger than Mundine. Mani won by split decision, in Sydney. Which in any other town he would have won UD quite easily. Poor old Sean Sullivan, now aged nearly 70, had another go.

In 2005, aged 30, mundine had 4 fights. The average age of his opponents was 29. They had a combined 92 wins, 25 losses and 5 draws. Mundine fought one fighter worth any salt, Mikkel Kessler, who completely outpointed him.

In 2006, aged 31, mundine had 2 fights. The average age of his opponents was 29. They had a combined total of 37 wins, 5 losses, 5 draws. Mundine beat Danny Green, pretty comprehensively. Green, who was fighting under his preferred divison was underweight.

In summary, over his 30 fight career, he has probably faced 4 good fighters. Kessler, Ottke, Siaca and Green. He lost to 3 out of 4.

He is a bum of a World Champion and everytime he has attempted to gain a title by facing a decent fighter, he has been beaten.

Sam Soliman should have beaten him last time, but he probably wont get the nod this time as Mundine has improved since they last met. However I wouldnt be surprised if he does. Well, here's hoping!!!


No doubt Mundine basically kicked Green's arse last time but as it states green was prolly a little underweight.. it suggests to me he's willing to go in underweight just to hit mundine :lol:

I'll be watching tonight... not exactly going for either just curious to see what happens. The undercard is interesting too with Soloman Haumono, Willie Mason's brother and Hoppa having a go.


First Grader
No doubt Mundine is a supurb athlete, well done on the win last night.

Hes hardly going to fight world beaters right from the get go. Some will still say he has only fought nobodys with a few good ones thrown in. But the main point is he has done very well against the good fighters, sure he might not have won them all but he has still done well and proved he is world class and in the top few of his division.


Journey Man
brisbane got beat in the world club challenge yet we know superleague is well below the standard of the nrl.

moral, an occasional good effert does not make a career


First Grader
I have seen Kostya quoted on numerous occasions saying he is quite a good fighter and this morning he was saying he cant believe how he has improved even further.

I also recall a quote from Sven Otke saying Mundine was the toughest oponent of his career.

People only bag him and put down his ability as they dont like him as a person. I dont agree with alot of what he carrys on with but I can see he has talent and will admit it.


First Grader
Thats rubbish Garts. His record speaks for itself. He hasnt fought many good fighters. Sven Otke was known as the weakest punching title holder in history, so not a glowing reference.

I am glad Mundine won last night because now he has to fight a decent fighter. Calzaghe will demolish him. Kessler will beat him again.

He has risen to where he is by taking the easiest route to get there. That is not the mark of a true champion.

His true test will be who he opts for in his next bout. Either way its a lose lose situation for him, because he either has to fight one of the above, or he takes on another mug at the end of their career, and then his credibilty takes a hit. (Mind you that hasnt bothered him in the past)


First Grader
You do what you can to get to the top, hes hardly going to jump in the ring with the best fighters straight away.

I also thought Kessler gave him praise after their fight.

I dont know enough about boxing really but from what I have seen I believe he has a fair amount of talent and did last the distance with Kessler, I recall everyone saying he would knock him out. Ill listen to Kostya, if he believes he is up there ill go with that.


First Grader
Fair enough. IMO, for a bloke who claims he is the best at what he does, he has a long way to go to prove that.

Im not saying he isnt a good athlete, dont get me wrong, I think he is a great athlete and a terrfic boxer. But he is no champion.


First Grader
I do believe he thinks he is the best. However it is clear for all to see that he keeps the attitude going and plays on it as it gets him in the media, even if people do dislike him for it. I dont think he cares as it makes him a bucket load of money.


Here' a fact for you.... i have gone out to watch 2 fights in my 22 years. Both have involved mundine and i really couldn't care less about boxing. He gets people interested.


Looks like Jeff Fenech agrees with you clon.

Time Mundine fought big boys

BOXING legend Jeff Fenech has thrown down the gauntlet to new WBA super middleweight champion Anthony Mundine to fight his unbeaten star pupil Victor Oganov.

While Mundine was largely untroubled in his knockout victory over Sam Soliman in Sydney last night, trainer Fenech believes his Sydney-based Russian fighter - who boasts a stunning record of 26 KOs in 26 fights - can take The Man down.

Three-time world champion Fenech was impressed by Mundine's performance to claim the vacant title but also so confident in 31-year-old Oganov's ability that he's offering to give away a six-figure sum if Mundine can win.

"I'll tell you something, Victor Oganov and myself will both donate - if Anthony fights him and beats him - $50,000 each to any Aboriginal charity Anthony wants," Fenech told Sydney radio station 2KY.

"I'm even prepared to double mine. Let (Mundine) spar him, let him box someone legitimate now and see how good he really is."

Mundine is likely to pursue greater glory and riches with a challenge to WBA super champion Mikkel Kessler, the Dane who defeated him to retain the WBA belt in 2005, but Fenech says Oganov would also give him plenty to think about.

"I've seen Victor Oganov, with 15 ounce gloves, knock out just about every person we've sparred," Fenech said. "Just to box Victor Oganov will shorten your career."

Fenech believed Mundine still had a lot to prove, and improve.

"You can take nothing away from what Choc (Mundine) did last night, I thought he was methodical, his speed was great, his power - he did a great job," he said.

"But now let's see if he fights the big boys.

"There's no use fighting Australians any more or getting guys that are middleweights to move up.

"Fight the big guys. Let him get the credibility he deserves.

"It's a big step for him to take but I'm looking forward to seeing - if there's going to be talk - if he's going to walk this time.

"I question the quality of his opposition. When he fought Mikkel Kessler he lost. When he fought Sven Ottke he lost. When he fought Manny Siaca he lost. Every time he's stepped up, he's lost."


First Grader
Yep Tookey, that last paragraph is exactly what I have said. Interesting to note that Mundine has stated he wants Calzaghe. Calzaghe will tear him a new one.


Reserve Grader
Did Hoppa win?

sure did KO round 2 even managed a throw a headbutt in at the end of the first round ........ whats the old saying about leopards ................ :lol2:
:lol2: :lol2:
The guys both he and Mason fought were more out of nick than me (and thats saying something)

One of em had man boobs bigger than some of our cheerleaders ffs


First Grader
The guys both he and Mason fought were more out of nick than me (and thats saying something)

One of em had man boobs bigger than some of our cheerleaders ffs

Our cheerleaders have man boobs, thats a concern!

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
OK, so he can play football and he can box. I dont disagree.

But I wont apologise when i say that i dont care about Mundine and his self adulation & money hungry career.

He doesnt deserve the respect of the average person. What he cares about is making the media spotlight through controversy so as to increase his profile for monetary gain.

He insults people he doesnt know. He puts forward views without thinking about consequences. He uses race & religion as his egoistic punchline. His contrived, untruthful apology on Channel 9 some years ago for his 9/11 remarks show what a shallow self interested and unintelligent disgrace he is.

Sporting achievements are unimportant in comparison to a supreme lack of character so the title of this thread is accurate in my book.

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