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Journey Man
Why are they called Rockers?

1. After a dodgy 70s song that gets flogged to death at home games.
2. Because they still live at home with Mummy and that'd be how they get to sleep each night.
3. It's a term coined by Centrelink workers for how the queue shuffles forward.
4. It's a real, like, cool term, baby.
5. That's what they're off.
6. All of the above.


Journey Man
[quote author=Daniel]
[quote author=c_eagle]
\"Groovy\" instead of \"cool\" would have sealed the deal.

dont you mean cute?

No way, that's reserved for you.
Only 5 more sleeps till I get to see AE's resident stud muffin .....


Journey Man
As oer the original post - its all explained in the insomnia thread in general discussion on MSE.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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The bafoons called the rockers have tried for too long to control others and to try dictate what we say. I am sick of it. These guys have no right whatsoever to try and force any measure of control over us. It is up to the club to decide if they dont like something posted here and if so they can contact us to discuss it.

These idiots. yes thats right idiots need to find this magical thing called life and bugger off.

A note to you whilst your copy and pasting stuff from our site (we know you do it rockers) have no measure of control on us, you have no right to try and control us., you wont be able to control us. Any measure of control should come from the club only and even then this is a personal site!

(just incase you missed it in the other thread)

P.S. CTRL + A highlights all , CTRL + C (copies) CTRL + V (paste) that should speed things up

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