[moved] Candy Cane deleted from MSE Forum

Seems I've joined the infamous list of people banned from MSE. Interesting experience really. No warning of any form given. Don't have any idea what "sin" I've allegedly committed because no-one considered I was an important enough Manly supporter to actually inform me. Just see that my name has been deleted from my postings and that I can't log on. Wrote their Admin an email asking for an explanation and to-date this has been ignored.

Maybe its because I dared to agree with Mata (on this site) that doing press releases containing 11+ typos was unprofessional, even though I later (genuinely) applauded Manly media's professionalism when they subsequently corrected them. Maybe its because I dared to say that Monas shouldn't be a Manly media representative because he and his manager have been loose cannons, even though I said I would be happy for him to be the media representative if he and his manager changed to speak with the club's interests in the forefront of their mind. I can only second guess.

I always aimed to be respectful of others, and constructive, and can't recall anyone - ever - raising any offence or other similar objection at what I wrote in my 200+ postings as Candy Cane on that site - and to my recollection only received positive feedback on my postings.

It leaves a bitter taste when the heart-felt support you show for your club is apparently not reciprocated with even basic couteousy.


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Oh well your in good company, many of the clowns..................oops I mean contributors on this site have had the same treatment :)
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Candy, you join an illustrious list of people that have been banned, not that this makes it any easier to swallow. However, the comparison ends there. I made it to 1000 posts but quite a few of those acid and insanely critical. That probably stems from a world view that if a point is worth making it is worth making with impact.

In your case it seems very strange that an impeccable pedigree on ME would be treated like this. At the very least you would expect that some kind of warning be given if you were transgressing in any way; even if the transgression were occurring on AE and not ME.

This brings us to the conclusion you make as to why you have been banned. Your reason sounds plausible. If so it is petty and small minded and disappointing in the extreme.

If I were to think the best of ME I might try to argue that perhaps they thought Candy Cane is a matabele alter-ego? This is patently not the case and it could be easily checked by someone with basic understanding of IT.

The conclusion. It appears as though ME has lost another intelligent, eloquent and passionate poster. Does this mean ME’s loss is AE’s gain?
I don't know whether to feel flattered or grossly offended to be compared to you Mata. :D

But I do feel like I've achieved something. Just trying to work out what it is.
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It may of course be a glitch but that is unlikely to result in the names appearing as N/A against old posts.

(Trust me, I'm an expert on these things!!!!)
I don't even know who or what the Rockers are, just heard of them on the MSE site, and I doubt any of them would know anything about me. But presumably I've unwittingly upset some precious little ego who didn't like what I said - and didn't have the guts or intelligence to openly have a discussion about it on the site.
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The quieter you went out, the more chance you have of returning, if you wish to return. I have about as much chance of returning as mata tattooing a love heart followed by Michael M. on his forehead.
lol. As you suggest, first you've got to want to return, c_eagle.

If MSE Admin randomly deletes true die-hard Manly supporters on a whim, without reason or explanation, then it is irrational to expose yourself to that form of psychologal abuse.

I've lost all respect for the administrator of the MSE site, if this is his modus operandi.

The fact that no warning and no reason was given for my expulsion is strong evidence that he had no legitimate reason to warn me and no legitimate reason to expel me.
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It is possible that someone thought you were a previously banned poster using another alter-ego. Depending on your isp it is possible that you have an IP address similar to someone else.
It may of course be a glitch but that is unlikely to result in the names appearing as N/A against old posts.

(Trust me, I'm an expert on these things!!!!)
That was my read of it too, Mata. :D

I've received the apparently dreaded N/A against my old posts. Not only can I not post anything new, but history has been rewritten so that I never actually existed. Not only dead, but never born!

When I selected the "forgot my password" option, I was automatically informed that I was not on the database.

I could always create a new identity - but why bother dealing with the petty-minded? Why bother trying to help/support a club that doesn't want your help or support? I take off my hat to you Mata and the other exiles on this site for continuing to support the club when banished by the club itself. Not sure I'm that selfless. I'll have to sleep on it.
It is possible that someone thought you were a previously banned poster using another alter-ego. Depending on your isp it is possible that you have an IP address similar to someone else.
Yes, C/W, it is possible that someone thought that I was a previously banned poster using another alter-ego- but they would be wrong. IP address same/similar - No.
I notice that Judge Jules and Binga were deleted as well. Again no one is sure of why?
Seems I'm in good company, C/W. Can't imagine why Judge Jules would be banned. She was at times controversial and outspoken, but I don't recall her saying anything offensive and she was passionately supportive of the club Also don't recall a problem with Binga's posts.

On the other hand, posters who have been openly offensive, rude, abusive and negative continue to post on the site apparently unhindered. A case of who you know? Or a hit squad? I don't know.
someone else was deleted in error today, maybe that was the case Candy.
Maybe you're right Garts. Having now read that Judge Jules and Binga have also been deleted (missed it before) this seems possible. If the club has deleted people in error, the least they could do is post a thread explaining the problem, and I would have thought also answered my email to Admin asking why I was deleted - which they still have not answered.
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A pity Candy especially as you don't even know what you said or did. It would be very disappointing if you were deleted because of something that was said on another site. That would not be fair.

I have no problems with the club choosing to delete or not delete posters against a stated set of rules - after all it is the club site and they have the Manly brand/image to support and protect. I have observed several posts deserving of warning/censure and even deletion.

The problem seems to be two-fold:

1. Posters (and I am not talking about the two post stirrers etc), sometimes with a history are just deleted with no warning or even a hint of "take it easy!" A private warning where appropriate would seem to be good PR.

2. Certain posters who abuse others and carry on like absolute childish prats seem to be above banning as they are either long-time and well-known supporters, are part of an in-group or are somehow above banning (unlike the normal, regular punters in Manlyland.

The bottom line is that if you know clearly what the rules are - you abide by them and if you don't you get banned!

In the end Candy and others will still be able to read there and there are other Manly sites to post on such as OEE, AE plus the Manly section of LU. The Rockers site is also open, though my guess is that you may not be welcome there is you post here and have been banned from MSE.
Thanks, C/W.

Totally agree with your description of the two-fold problem and solution. On two occasions I prodded MSE forum admin to post some rules, because this seems to be the prime cause of the repeated tedious blowups and abuse thrown on the site - particularly after a loss. The refusal to post rules creates the impression that everyone is subject to expulsion by Admin on a whim, whilst others are left unwarned for the same or far worse behaviour.
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It totally annoyed me that I didn't get an email explaining why I was re-banned. Every other forum gives you an explanation at the very least.

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