Morley -7 weeks

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Kim Jong Dan
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that is ridiculous.

Should have been gone for as long as hoppa. The guy is a grub and always will be. He shold have a bath too.....hang on no pom jokes


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PRetty obvious it was going to go that way - the Rorters have been spinning the media all week. The only surprise is that they scrubbed him out long enough that he can't have a farewell game with the chooks.

Greg Bird and Billy Slater should sue!


Reserve Grader
The NRL judiciary need an uppercut....what a farce, what a joke, does this leave room for players like Hoppa, Bird to sue the NRL for loss of income and restraint of trade......
And they wonder why the NRL has no credtability?
The big excuse was that Morley thought Hughes had punched Harrison. So why did Morley not just throw a couple at Hughes instead of using his knee. Imo not the actions of a tough guy.

Chip and Chase

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As much as they (the judiciary) like to claim otherwise, despite there been obvious intent on Morley's part he didn't succeed with his endeavour to knee Hughes into next week. Because of Morleys incompetence and lack of significant injury to Hughes he gets a lighter sentence. Had he not been so retarded and managed to get Hughes in the head, breaking his jaw or cheekbone in the process, he would have got a significantly greater penalty. The same can be said for Slaters suspension, plenty of players lash out with the boot in tackles, just so happens that Slater hits the mark and draws a reaction from his victim, which then forces the judiciary's hand. Had he missed, despite obvious intention, we wouldn't have heard boo about it.

Anyway who cares, Morley has played his last game in the NRL which is all that matters. Can't wait for Fathead Gould's bleeding heart story about him in his column this week, how one of the "characters" of the game has been unfairly rubbed out.


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I thought it was good to see a bit of mongrel again. The game is too sanitised, and lets face it - who wouldn't want to knee corey hughes in the head.


I thought it was good to see a bit of mongrel again. The game is too sanitised, and lets face it - who wouldn't want to knee corey hughes in the head.

ha - I agree I can't stand that bastard and as long as it doesn't affect the Eagles rise up the ladder I couldn't give two ****es!


True, the incident gave me a snicker and I watched the remainder of the game to see if any fights would break out. It turned out to be a fizzer after that.

There was no mercy in the knee however, it was out of general play and Morley has a shocking record at the judiciary. Going by the book he should be gone.

The judiciary never cease to piss people off.

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