Morgan Harper the man.


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I understand the criticisms of Harper. But for me it's more about who the other centre is as well. When he and Parker are both in the team, we are just too slow. Having one of them is ok i think (not ideal, but ok) if Koula is fit and available.

But he has come in really handy as a depth player recently. Those that wanted him shipped off for a washed-up Nathan Brown may have to reconsider their position given injuries in our backline.


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He's strung in some solid performances now, been getting really busy with ball in hand especially. The hold up play and pass to Saab for the first try was exquisite.
I was expecting him to throw it to anyone. But he sized up what was in front of him. Didn’t panic, and made a really good choice to suck in defenders and land a great pass to Saab.
I think the secret maybe for "silent Bob" aka Woodsie. Not our @Woodsie (but I wouldn’t rule him out if he got an invite.) where was I? Oh yeah, get Aaron to go all Raudonikis on Morgan, and slap the shiit out of him in the tunnel, as their about to run on.

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Speaking of which, in the Nine commentary not one of them mentioned Harper in the lead up to that try. Even when it was replayed from different angles. Maybe they forgot his name.

They were to focused on death ridding us Terry, than be worried about commenting on Manly players. Gus was beside himself trying to get the Tigpies over the line, so funny to listen to this nonsense from a biased Bulldogs official.


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He is playing for his career now since we have supposedly signed Talau.

He wants and needs to impress so another club signs him.
You're probably right but I also think he genuinely likes playing in this team with these blokes. I don't think it's his effort that can be criticised, just his skill level has let him down at times. I reckon he enjoys the feistiness the team has (sometimes) shown this year as well

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