More troops to Iraq


What does everyone think about Howard sending more troops to Iraq ?
I am against them being there in the first place so obviously I think this is even more ridiculous.
I don't think it will sink in properly to some Australians untill our troops get shot and killed fighting a war we (or anyone else for that matter) have no good reason to be fighting except for GW Bushes economic interests.
There's no doubt that there are far more worthy causes to be fighting for than the Enron monopoly of Iraqi supply.

So they're being sent to "protect Japanese aid workers". Well why don't the bloody Japanese do it. See how it's made to sound noble but scratch just below the surface and the putrification becomes very evident.

If we want to protect aid workers, why don't we send them to Aceh instead of advising them to pull out for their own safety? (DFAT advice over the weekend).

I've a good friend about to head into Aceh to begin work on setting up the re-buidlign process there. I wonder if Howard and Downer will have the guts to come out here and explain to his widow and three young kids why our troops are in Iraq if he doesn't come back?

Where is bi-so. He's been very quiet lately.
True- there are plenty more worthy causes !
It just makes my blood boil after I fought many a pitched arguement with people (including my semi red neck parents) about the fact that we shouldn't be at war and then cop the come back- "What about weapons of mass destruction?"
Well my friends- there weren't any and do I hear any because some people are plain pig headed.
It's disgusting that Bush got away with this (especially as he was probably high as a kite when sending the troops off to the slaughterhouse) and we here in Australia are letting Howard get away with the same thing.
He isn't even trying to hide it anymore with the comment "people aren't going to like this" before announcing that we're sending more troops. :evil:
Most of the lemmings have dropped the "WMD" argument. Soon after Downer said it they all started saying "the world is a better place" and "we are rid of an evil dictactor".

Well, why is the same dilligence towards making the world a better place and getting rid of evil dictators not being shown the the CEOs of most multi-national that have expolited, raped and pillaged the developing world for the last century?

What about Mugabe
What about North Korea?

etc etc.

Spare me. :roll:
Exactly- Mugabe and Kimmy boy, f ing nut cases and criminals to boot.
Very likely candidates to do something very stupid and very destructive if pushed (probably more so Kim who I seriously don't think is the full quid)
They both have WMD - just of a differing sort.

Mugabe's weapon of choice is the starvation of the matabele people. There's been enough documented genocide over there to force some kind of action you'd think.

Kim is thumbing his nose at the USA and their silence on the matter is instructive.
And I should add that the sly little **** Howard was charged with the task of doing something about Mugabe, in consultation with SA and Nigeria. Well he's failed that duty hasn't he? I wonder if anyone will call him to account for that?
I pretty sure he promised during the election campaign that there would be no more significant increase in troop number, must have been a non core promise I guess. I wonder what will happen if we cop a "whack" and there is a plane load of body bags coming home - this troops will be a lot more open to attack if they are supporting engineers etc despite being in a quiet part of Iraq.
Of course not- we need an opposition with A) respect and B) a backbone to question things that he comes up with other wise he will(or Costello) just continue to get away with it.
It is wrong, wrong, wrong.
We sometimes have a tendancy to sit around patting ourselves on the back for what a great and caring country we are when an actually fact is that we are moving further and further away from a democracy every day !
I look at it slightly different.
We were called to arms to fight the certainty of WMD.
They don't exist.
We are now there as freedom fighters for Iraqi democracy.
That doesn't exist.
I don't agree that we went there, but feel we have to take blame and accountability for the mess we made. I don't like sending more troops but we need to help clean up the disaster we were part of. I would hate to be part of a Somalia type solution where we just packed up and left, leaving them to total lawlessness.
Ugly I know.
Valid points MB, except the thing that annoys me most about this situation we were allegedly going to Iraq to remove the threat of terrorism (by removing WMD & stopping sadam supporting them). From what I can see now it is a a training ground & the hot bed of terrorist activity in the world. IMO there was much of a terrorist problem prior to Bush invading especially considering no WMD have been found.
Totally agree Wheel. The leaders of the world should recognise that you don't stop the growth of terrorism by leaving a pile of rubble and lots of dead people. This breeds converts and you then need another generation to come through before it starts to decline. :cry:
Totally disagree with this decision. Disagreed to being with. The US has been asking for increased support for months now and it was coming. Thats the reason Howard is replacing 1400 jobs in Iraq with just 400 troops. We arn't there to protect japanese engineers, its to help eliminate the escolating rebel from Iraqi citizens.

I feel sorry for Iraq, the french citizens in the US who have had their visa's removed, kicked from the country and sometimes even beaten for being french. I feel sorry for everyone who bought howards crap and I feel sorry for every single child who has to watch a plane fly over their home, knowing what its for.
Here's my letter to that horrible little prat, Howard:

Dear Mr Howard

I see that you have committed 450 more troops to Iraq. I’d like to make some observations and ask some questions.

Firstly the observations:

1. We are told that our troops are being sent to “protect� some Japanese peacekeepers/engineers.
2. Over the weekend the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade issued an advisory to aid workers that are helping the re-building process in Aceh that they may become the victim of terrorist attacks, advising them to take precautions about their safety.
3. I have a very good friend who is about to depart for Aceh to head up the re-building and humanitarian efforts on behalf of a very well respected not-for-profit organisation.
4. My understanding is that Australia, and you in particular, were asked by the Commonwealth to take a lead in the responsibility for the brutal regime in Zimbabwe led by Mr Mugabe and his ZANU PF party.
5. It is well documented that Mr Mugabe has carried out several genocides against the minority Matabele tribe in southern Zimbabwe and that he is currently using his monopoly over food in the country to literally starve further millions of this persecuted tribe.

My questions:

1. Will you or Mr Downer have the courage to come to Dubbo and explain to my friend’s widow and three young children why our troops are in Iraq and not Aceh if he doesn't come back?
2. When are you going to do something substantive to alleviate the suffering of millions that are starving under the oppressive regime of Mr Mugabe – a direct responsibility of the Australian Commonwealth Government?

Yours sincerely
You go Mata!! :clap:

So true... why is Iraq so important all of a sudden? What about the rest of the world eh??
Why spend so much money on sending troops to subjugate people when there are others begging for the help they can provide? And why do they care so much about Iraq when nowhere else is imporant... even their own country??

I could go on for hours... but I will NEVER get a straight answer....
You go Mata!! :clap:

So true... why is Iraq so important all of a sudden? What about the rest of the world eh??
Why spend so much money on sending troops to subjugate people when there are others begging for the help they can provide? And why do they care so much about Iraq when nowhere else is imporant... even their own country??

I could go on for hours... but I will NEVER get a straight answer....
Siimple! [color=brown:819af346be][size=24:819af346be]Oil[/size:819af346be][/color:819af346be]
How does George relax... well he just sits down to a texas tea with a lovely lady named Mary Jane.
Mary Jane is awsome. The best moguls ive ever skied.

oh, you dont mean teh ski mountain in the US.

We should start a list on the site of all the howard government promises that have been broken.

Also I wish the diggers over there all the best and Hope that none of them get WIA or KIA
I see that byso has nothing to say on the matter.

A typical neo-conservative response when things don't go you way - ignore it and hope it will go away.

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