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More news on Broncos Sex Charges

The Wheel

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Jul 15, 2004
Broncos dump player after rape charge
June 3, 2005 - 1:55PM

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A member of the Brisbane Broncos development squad has been stood down by the National Rugby League club after police charged him with rape.

The charge follows an investigation by police after a 32-year-old woman alleged she was raped in the aftermath of last month's State of Origin match in Brisbane.

The player, who plays for the Broncos' feeder club Toowoomba in the Queensland Cup, appeared before Brisbane Magistrates' Court on Friday after a warrant was issued on Thursday.

He was granted bail and will re-appear at a later date. He plans to defend the charge.

Broncos managing director Bruno Cullen distanced the club from the allegations.

"I want to stress that, as far as I am aware, there are no allegations or complaints of any misconduct against any of the 30 players in the Broncos NRL Squad," Mr Cullen said in a statement.

"We have co-operated fully with the police on this matter. To this end, it would not be prudent for me or anyone else on behalf of this club to make any further comment until all inquiries are finalised by the police.

"Like everyone else, we want to see the matter investigated fully and properly.

"In the best interests of all concerned the player has been stood down until the finalisation of the matter.

"The player has advised us that he will strongly defend the charge.

"I can assure everyone that on numerous occasions the club has ensured that Broncos players are reminded of the importance of proper social behaviour.

"This club has a positive reputation in the community and we work extremely hard to maintain that reputation."
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