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he has asked and now got premission to talk to other culbs . he is not happy playing with us at hooker . it show in the way he plays at least he came out and said so i say put ballin in now if monnas does,t want to lets give someone who does a go :violin: :violin: :violin: :violin:
the manly daily has an article with quotes from him saying that he is happy playing hooker and he loves his time at Manly.

the article where it states he was granted a release has no quotes from him.

not that it means much i guess.
but after the way he piss n moaned last year about staying at the club now he want.s to leave . but manlys ceo has
Cowboys baulked at his asking price in their words. They then said, forget it, we'll look elsewhere for a 1/2 back.

The Manly Daily is sugar coating the situation on Monaghan's behalf. He's in damage control, because the NRL teams are saying he is nowhere valued at where he believes he is.

Banaghan dead set is trying to do it to us again !!! Why can't he do this stuff after the season finishes, or at least approach team with a reasonable asking price?

Ricky Stuart knows what people are worth, and he won't be paying Monnas $250k to $300k for Monaghan to play @ 1/2 back.
depends on how desperate you are for a half back.

Tigers, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Cowboys would all love his services.

If he dropped his price to around the 200k mark then i think he would be easily snapped up.
Look guys - I like Monnas as a Hooker, and would like him to stay, but this crap every mid season is just plain painful !!

Do you guys agree with that statement?
With the amount of whinging and dummy spitting Monaghan does, maybe we Juventus or Parma would be interested in taking over his contract?
ESL might be his best bet - but seems he is not wanted over there either.

After the no show at the club presentation last year it doesn't surprise me that things have surfaced again.

Had to laugh as yesterday I read an article at a friends place where MM was positioning himself to be the Manly captain again next year when BK retires!!!!
Monaghan has come out and said that he would prefer playing as a Half Back rather than at Number 9.

I hope the coaching staff would now give Matt Ballin a go at Number 9. Living in Auckland I don’t get to see any lower Grade games but from what people have posted about Ballin, I hope he is given a go in NRL squad and if we find that he is not up to it then we always have the luxury of going back to Monaghan. We will never know if Matt Ballin is good enough unless we give him a go.

If Matt Ballin is good enough for NRL then we should allow Monaghan to leave if he got an offer that he likes thus freeing up a lot of cash that we can use to sign / upgrade contracts of other players.

Please Des, give Ballin a good and you never know, he might turn out to be as good /solid as Burns and wouldn’t that be great for the club to have good talented youngsters at our club.

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