monas not the prob

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anyone who thinks we have lost games because of monas is stupid! everyone knows your forwards win you games and our forwards are not doing the hard work for the halves like in earlyer games this season.(very solid in rounds 1 through 13) in saying that injury hasnt helped us much either. this week the pack looks better and just hope! they give monas and witt room to move!
providing we can get through the next few weeks with no injurys i think you will again start to see our forwards dominate.
better the probs now rather than the play offs, plenty of time to improve! GO YOU MIGHTY EAGLES!


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"better the probs now" ...... any more probs now and there wont be any playoffs for us........ and yes i am the dumbest person on the site and proud of it.........


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But our outside backs are being starved of quality ball, that is the halves fault. 2 halfbacks means there is no 5/8 getting the ball out wide.

Donalds inability to catch the ball doesnt help. i think its time we replaced him with an open topped barrel, we may miss out on speed but at least its an off chance of catching a ball

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I think our forwards form has been not as good as earlier in the year. However I was at the Tigers game and watched Monas closely, as I did at the Dogs game. (I haven't watched either on telly.) Monas was trying hard but we played a lot of sets in both games in the opposition quarter but looked without pattern or plan. There was no direction and apart from long speculative passes and some panic there didn't look to be a lot from our halves. Options were not good and he seems to be playing without confidence.

I am not saying he can't play but he is not in form.
That ill agree, but still with our forwards metre gain what it! not even orford would get us out of trouble, only joey could!
why not? we did great earlyer so we know what we are can achieve, look at what des did last year in the last 7-8 weeks and that was without many players running around for manly today so i say yeah, but we do need to improve no doubt, no injurys and the return of hecks and choc!


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Bold Eagle I totally agree with your comment and I have stated similar views regularly.

Having said that monas form has slumped since Monasgate. But so have the forwards.
thanks byso, its not common for the team that dominates the forwards to lose. domination is all a halve back needs. and monas is not best halve playing today not even close but he is not the worst either! he is however great to watch when on fire and honestly he has had more better games than worse. would like to see him at hooker next year.


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champ, what a great word,when will you punters learn he is a **** player and a disgrace to our mighty club,a whinging ****in no look passing,**** chip kicking no vision or leadership 12 sandwich eating motherfuka


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Some of that really doesn't make sense mate. But I think I’m jiggy with you're comments.

Basically you don’t rate Monas? and if we dont get Orford you'll be whinging for the next 3 years.

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Noone will be whingeing. Just reminiscing to how good it was for 12 weeks in 2005 when it looked like we were a show, till the bubble burst??? (Hope I am wrong!)


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correct , how good will that be for everyone involved.........however give it six months and you will all be signing up for membership to sue's mata and my little club,its only $5 and you getting a pen that swears when you drop it.


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i will ask danny to set it up on here somewhere ,then just send your check, money order or card details and we will drink piss wit.....oops sorry send you your membership and pen........


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correct , how good will that be for everyone involved.........however give it six months and you will all be signing up for membership to sue's mata and my little club,its only $5 and you getting a pen that swears when you drop it.

Very clever :p :yeah:

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