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Since the other post got hijacked by Wheel and his tough guy dog, thought we might start a new thread about the monas topic

Anyone heard any news?
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Broncs are looking for a half back in todays paper, can you someone tell Bennett that Monas is not a hooker
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I played club football with Ben Green. Australian schoolboys halfback and currently with Aspley Broncos. He's on the broncos books.

He would be way better than Monaghan.
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i am sick of this guy and his wanka manager doing anything they can to get a mention in the media, if Banaghan had half a brain he would want to keep monas at manly so his commision is half decent cause there is no way he will get the coin he is on here at any other club secondly we as the fans have a right to know what is going on, the longer he waits the more adverse effect this will have on the team, just piss him off and sign a few young guns or make it known we are in the markert for one marqee signing.

Who is off contract at the end of the year that we would be interested in???
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I still want to organize that march over the Harbour Bridge to make him stay...
The bronco's should have a play for him.

I just hope it's sorted out quickly.. I thought the deadline was monday.. if that was the case he hasn't come up with anyone so tell him to pick up his lip, lube up and get his arse back into the scrum.
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The deadline wasn't Monday. That's the date Michael set himself to make a massive annoucement while he was shooting off at the mouth.

Deja vu?
Winging it
It's always tease, tease, tease
I'm happy when Manly's on their knees
One day is fine the next is black
So if you want me off your back
Well come on and let me know
Should I stay or should I go?

Please go.
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My "interpretation" is that that The Tigers were almost commited to signing him, then watched Monna's poor game against Nth Qld that included intercept passes, and consecutive long kicks over the dead in goals - then John Morris came out and had a blinder against The Dogs - so they pulled out of the race last minute - making Monaghan look a tad silly. You can't blame him for that (I guess).

Banaghan / Monnas will now come back with how commited to Manly they are - but reality for me is that he has seen for the 2nd time he's shopped himself around publicly, what a damned well good wicket he's on in the maroon and white.

Can't he just be satisfied that Manly has improved him as a player, and is paying him platinum price for copper performances? We have to remember Matt Elliott said he wasn't good enough for 1st grade at all, and he left there with a bitter taste in his mouth.

I'm also glad we didn't win his brother. He's probably also getting paid $200k+, and basically played one poor season, one season completely out, and now injury riddled in the 3rd season. I note Joel's also off contract, and The Roosters aren't rushing to sign him anytime soon.


Kim Jong Dan
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I would have thought he would have learned his lesson. Dont count your chickens there monas!

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