Monaghan injured...


Dont know how serious it is but its a bicep injury. I told you guys hes been carrying it for the last month or so. I think its finally taken its toll.

I hope your happy now Mata. Best news youve heard since Monas wasnt going to be signed... lol
you think Mullane will get up? I figured probably just replace him straight with Burns?

Most likely though.. Des will move Willow to 5/8 and Witt to half..
Witt will get to number 7.

I remember when Mullane was injured last year it was greeted enthusiatically. I don't think we want to go through that again.

As Max has inflicted Monas on us for another 3 years we might as well wish him a swift recovery to full health and reasonable form.
he came out to defend in the centres and looked very sore. Well worth the 240k huh?
over the weekend, ad Moran after 3 first grade games and saints hooker Innes, to the list of better half backs in the comp than the 1/4 million dollar man....
1 game makes a good player, damn your a good judge. Why don't we buy every good young bloke who has A good game!

Mata tells me souths have a reserve grade halfback worth buying? :lol:
having a crack at an injured player is pretty low.

he has been carrying the same injury since the panthers game.

i hope he gets back to full health and delivers us a premiership :)
yes kaza you were but you were having a go at someone using sarcasm because you missed his piedce of sarcasm
no i was continuing the sarcasm he was

Sarcastic Conversation:
Volley: KaZa, they fact he got injured shows he's not a top level halfback.
KaZa: ohh fair enough.. Joey Johns must be rubbish then aye
Volley: ohh for sure.. what a pathetic talent...

I thought he was going to reply back with something like that.

lol sorry for the misunderstanding.
fair enough, maybe I should have that hangover nap I am trying to get in before the mrs gets home from gym and starts bugging me
lol mate dont waste the day off.. go and sleep! Ive got about 14 hours. ahh i feel great and really tired lol

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