Monaghan future undecided


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MICHAEL Monaghan's manager insists the Manly star has not yet made a final decision on where he will play next year.

Monaghan has been granted a release from his contract next year, with reports today claiming he is set to announce his signing with English Super League clubs Warrington or Hull for 2008.

But the playmaker's manager, Jim Banaghan, said no deals have yet been decided.

Banaghan told a Sydney radio station this morning he will meet with Monaghan this afternoon to discuss his future, after receiving formal offers from three Super League clubs and the Wests Tigers.

"Michael would prefer to stay in the NRL, he's made no bones about that, but he has to sit down, and if this is going to be his penultimate contract he may as well make it a good one," said Banaghan, who added Hull and Warrington are favourites should the player opt for England.

From the info I have gathered, Monaghan will be release early to play for either Hull or Warrington. Tigers out of the question.


As this wll probably be his last or second last contract he would be crazy not to go to the Uk where he can earn a lot ore than in the NRL and also the lower standard would probably see him play another 2 or 3 years longer.


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In the cold, the wet, the fog, the frost, the gloom and the gales. Gee, the northern beaches are such a rotten place to live, what is he thinking? ;)

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A player's career is very short - all done and dusted by early 30s these days and he is at his prime earning potential. Take it while you are fit and you can.

Depends what relatives and family you have, whether you have a partner who is willing to travel and what the long term prospects might be. If he leaves he goes with best wishes.


If it means that we can keep Burns, Ballin & Groom then it's worth letting him go early.
The fact is we're going to lose one. The sooner we offload one of them, the better our chances of retaining the others is.
Nothing against Monas & I couldn't care if the one we lose is Orford. Any combination of the excess of halves is good enough, we just can't afford to lose two or three of them.

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