Moi Moi pleading not guilty

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Journey Man
Interesting. The Eels fans are saying that Seymour was falling into the tackle.

Problem is, Moi Moi is approaching from the side and does have time to adjust. Also, he clips Seymour right on top of the head, so it would have been high even if Seymour was upright.

The fact Seymour was knocked out and took no further part in the game won't help.

They're brave going for the not guilty. You'd think they'd pleade guilty and contest the charge...........


Journey Man
Oh, and Ben Cross has taken the early plea for "dropping knees" and will miss 4 weeks.

2 of those will be the trials I assume.


Journey Man
I thought contact was first made with the footy.

Was it barnes or Seymour?? I remember headgear but you might be right

The Wheel
Premium Member
Doesn't matter for us with Moi Moi he will be out for at least one week, he hit him high he is guilty of something
it was barnes mata.they will plead not guilty because they want him this year and couldnt care less about the early rounds next year.i think he is unlucky but hope he misses our game.


Journey Man
He MAY get it downgraded pleading not guilty anyway. I'd say he'll miss us regardless. A bigger gain for us would be Vellas not playing in my opinion.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Its not an excuse remember minogues tackle earlier int he year, the guy was falling then as well
Oh, and Ben Cross has taken the early plea for \"dropping knees\" and will miss 4 weeks.

2 of those will be the trials I assume.

What do think of players being able to serve out suspension's in trial games. I think it is a farce because of the realative unimportance of trials to competition games


I didnt think that he was falling into the tackle. He had been crouched at that same level for about 2-3 metres, he was hunched over not falling at the time of impact.


Journey Man
Noone was complaining when Blue Arsed served out last year's suspension in this year's trials!

If Moi Moi gets off entirely on this charge I'll wear a pint tutu to the game on Sunday.


Journey Man
I guess the argument is that the trials are preparation for the real thing and players that can't play them start the season unprepared.

Cross is off to Melbourne isn't he? I'll bet they're impressed.

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