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Miss the 8 from here and it's your fault Manly

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by NYEagle, Jun 14, 2015.

  1. NYEagle

    NYEagle Well-Known Member

    +1,400 /84
    Amazing. After a diabolical first 14 rounds with a horrible injury toll, bad luck, distractions, and some obvious poor efforts - Manly will find itself just two games out of the eight at round end, perhaps even two games from seventh.

    This gets me to thinking. Now they have a virtual full squad back including the golden halves, are well rested after two byes, virtually no origin reps (just one), and a run home that include 6 games at Brookie, one at Gosford, and some weak games away - it's time to put up or shut the **** up.

    The team keeps telling us they train well, they keep telling us they have the right attitude, they keep telling us if only they had the squad on the park.

    Well, nowhere to hide now boys. Make that eight or its time for a cleanout, including coach.

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      Last edited: Jun 14, 2015
    • Lord Eagleton

      Lord Eagleton Well-Known Member

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      Yep, pretty much sums it up.
      Even minus Lyon for 1 month, and getting Tom Turbo back, Manly should string a few wins together. Then some confidence creeps back.. as well as a bit of steel in the forwards.. and voila, we finish in 5th or 6th. I've got nothing more to add that NYE, well said
    • Simonmyers11

      Simonmyers11 Well-Known Member

      +3,570 /133
      Could you imagine were we would be sitting if we had of won at least 3 of those close games that realistically was there for the taking? Think we have an outside chance still to make the 8 if they can get their act together
    • HappilyManly

      HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +19,025 /367
      Hate to bring this up, but due to the NRL's staggered BYE System, quite a few Teams are still due another leg up the ladder.

      Manly have now been allocated all their 4 points, so only actual wins will help eat away at the largest F/A. @:(

      Sharks, Knights, Eels and Titans look most vulnerable.
      So we only need 3 more Teams to get the jitters. Tigers,Warriors look most likely and ??? :)

      Manly could get into the 8 if they stop blaming injuries and play like it's a knockout final @:cool:
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        +2,412 /121
        The only fight we will be in this year is with Newcastle, Parra and Titans for the Spoon.
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        • sheridanstand78

          sheridanstand78 Well-Known Member

          +4,863 /73
          In all the games we have played apart from 3 round 1 at whinger park, against Canberra in Albury and the donkeys at news limited park last week, we have been in every game and lost just about every close game except the 2 drizzle ones.

          Goal kicking has been an issue in at least 3 of those games as well.

          We are not good enough with the ball this season and our defence has struggled around the ruck, things to work on for the 2nd half of the season.
        • mickqld

          mickqld Sack Greenslime 2017 Tipping Competitor

          +5,250 /109
          Find some committed forwards who can tackle first. Get Lawrence & Starling back in and get rid of Mason, Burgess, Horo, Lui.
          Give Dylan Kelly a run.
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          • Ryan

            Ryan Well-Known Member

            +9,386 /402
            Huh? We are without Lyon for 6 weeks, without Buhrer all season, without Gutherson all season, without Lawrence until round 17. That's 4 players out of 13 that would normally be in our starting side, or around 25% of the starting team.

            Don't know how we are close to full strength.
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            • EagleFromMay1967

              EagleFromMay1967 Sky Punching : send them High as the Clouds

              +1,371 /49
              Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes.
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              • torana355

                torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

                +2,093 /36
                We cannot make the 8 unless we play like its knockout finals from now on. Our chances of making the 8 are beyond slim, most of our forwards are not even FG standard, our centres are starting to show their age, our current starting wingers cant defend to save their life's. Ill be happy if we can avoid the spoon tbh.
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                • Fibro Eagle

                  Fibro Eagle Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                  +1,100 /44
                  We will be relying on other teams to loose for us to make the 8 I agree we may go on a bit of a run to avoid the spoon but the 8 might be a bridge to soon but for ever hopeful
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                  • shipsyeagles

                    shipsyeagles Member

                    +64 /10
                    We need a miracle to make top 8, not playing good enough, tigers will give us a run next week, they are young and confident after Friday night.
                  • robbiea

                    robbiea Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                    +2,568 /79
                    We don't need a miracle ,we are only a couple points from the eight.
                    They need to step up & play footy with confidence & a bit of belief in themselves.
                    Somewhere along the line they have forgotten "WE ARE MANLY ".
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                    • hozza

                      hozza Well-Known Member

                      +531 /16
                      As someone else said, a lot of teams still to get there bye points.
                      Love the positivity but we are next to no chance at making the 8 on the back of how we are playing.

                      Huge huge battle to just avoid the dreaded spoon.
                    • torana355

                      torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

                      +2,093 /36
                      6 points out of the 8. 12 rounds left. So we will need to win 4 more games then the teams in the bottom of the 8. I don't see it happening. Too many teams above us that are actually playing really well.
                    • Garts

                      Garts Well-Known Member

                      +843 /25
                      I do not really care if we make the 8 or not, I just do not want the spoon.
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                      • Shoe1

                        Shoe1 Well-Known Member

                        +7,204 /105
                        Having had 2 byes already gives us 2 more chances to win a game than teams that haven't had 2 byes. Ah the possibilities!
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                        • Brookie Brawler

                          Brookie Brawler Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                          +475 /7
                          Usually I hope for upsets and death ride top sides like Roosters, Souths and Dogs but this year I have been hoping they smash the lesser teams to keep them at the bottom and give us a chance to climb the ladder but it's just not happening.

                          Byes for other teams won't stop us climbing the ladder if we are winning games but time is just about up to get the required number of wins to make the 8. Meanwhile our competitors for the spoon continue to jag wins.

                          I'm starting to worry that some missed opportunities and close losses will come back to bite us in a big way.
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                          • Peter C

                            Peter C Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                            +1,207 /26
                            When it is said that "mathematically we can make the eight", then we're no hope.
                            Also, we just don't have the team that can put in a long winning run.
                          • globaleagle

                            globaleagle Je saisis mon chapeau. Staff Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                            +13,326 /117
                            Manly 2015 premiers!
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