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Minds elsewhere ?

Discussion in 'Cricket Forum' started by Kiwi Eagle, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Kiwi Eagle

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    Cricket: 'Bondage' and 'sex' on the minds of tongue-tied Aussies
    By Mark Geenty
    6:26 PM Thursday Feb 25, 20

    What is it with these Australian cricketers?

    Clearly their minds are elsewhere as they prepare to take on New Zealand in the first Twenty20 international here tomorrow night.

    Yesterday, coach Tim Nielsen made a verbal slip-up on arrival when he said "we haven't had a lot of sex, um, success over here", and today it was vice-captain Michael Clarke who got tongue-tied.

    Asked about New Zealand paceman Shane Bond, Clarke said he featured high on their gameplan for tomorrow. How high, we had no idea.

    "We'll have a good look at footage of bondage... ahmm, Bondy," said Clarke, as the guffaws began again.

    "'Geez I feel like the coach, what's going on," he continued with a grin.

    Clearly Nielsen had suffered among the team for his slip-up, and as Clarke departed the press conference he knew the same fate would likely befall him.

    "Front page, I can see it now...," he said, making a hurried exit.

    - NZPA
  2. The Gronk

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    if i was shagging lara bingle my mind would be elsewhere too

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