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Mid Season Slumps

Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
Over the years most teams have had a two to three game slump at some stage. Even great Manly teams in the 80s and 90s have suffered from this and it is incredibly hard to maintain your form every week. 26 weeks is a long season and I reckon we have done very well with what we have had at our disposal. Apart from the Souths game we have overperformed - winning a number of games noone could realistically have expected to take. No team can win every game - even the great sides have lost the odd game to weaker opposition here and there!

A good thing about this season is that we have not lost any more than one game at a time and after each loss we have bounced back okay.

Now comes the hard part of the season when we are no longer a surprise packet, our tactics are well known and are weaknesses are plain for all to see.

Can we avoid the slump that most teams have suffered this year?

DVS Matt

Well-Known Member
Oct 29, 2004
we are in a slump atm, we were just lucky that we had the hopeless knights.

a good showing against the improving bulldogs will add to our confidence.

our defence is dodgy atm, i hope des goes back to learning the basics and just drilling home the importance of trusting your inside man.......CHRIS HICKS lol


Well-Known Member
Nov 12, 2004
Well it depends on our forwards, we would have been smashed by half the comp up front today

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