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Gotta say guys, I watched the Parra game last night and if we don't throw a fair bit at Mateo to get his signature than I will be a bit disapointed. He is a dead set gun and the best of their forwards yesterday. I certainly hope someone at the club is interested because he would look very smart in the Marron and White.


yeah hes good flip, he not only plays in the back row he can also play 5/8 and centre i think . Kris Inu is a gun in the making i think as well, but with tahu leaving i cant see him going anywhere.


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Did anyone else see him chip over the top from their own 40 line, regather then chip again to follow it up and force a line drop out. Unbelievable confidence and skill for a second rower.


Bozo was giving him huge wraps yesterday on GB, hopefully there is more that that then meets the eye!

DVS Matt

there was talk about this transaction before the season started. Nothing happened then, and i fear that we have less chance after the performances he has been putting in to date.

Great player - would suit the 13 for Manly


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Unfortunately we missed out, he would have been a great signing as well.

23 May 2007

The Parramatta National Rugby League Club is delighted to announce that the following players have today agreed to terms to remain at the Club.
Tim Smith (08-09)
Feleti Mateo (08,09,10)
Josh Cordoba (08-09)
Matt Keating (08-09)
Daniel Wagon (08)
Parramatta Eels Chief Executive Denis Fitzgerald says it is a tremendous day for the Club.
“When players commit like this it shows great faith in our coaching staff and playing roster. They are popular players with the supporters and are a great base to build the Club on for years to come,” Mr Fitzgerald said.
“I’m particularly pleased with the retention of Feleti as I am aware of how keenly sought after he was on the open market, especially with one particular Club,” Mr Fitzgerald added.
Head Coach Michael Hagan says it is great news for the Club.
“I am thrilled with these signings and am delighted I will be working with these players in the coming years. It shows how much they want to be a part of what we are doing and their retention gives us all a boost,” Hagan said.


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Aaaaah...watching the slime chew up their salary cap is like music to my ears. Wagon - LoL (real match winner there).


eastwood would be handy lockling our scrum IMO

plus ads some depth to backs, can be moved wide during game as we bring a fresh forward of bench etc.


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Agreed Nutz. Don't upset a winning formula imo. Maybe look for another front rower to add pressure on the boneheads we've got, that's all.

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